The Secret behind the Real Names of all Five Elders


In Chapter 1073 we see one of the Five Elders in action. Specifically, he’s the one with a scar on the left side of his face and the gray dreadlocks. And we finally discover his name: World Highest Authority – Gorosei. Saint Jegarcia Saturn.


With the name of this Gorosei we can theorize the names of the other four elders.
Gorosei translates to “Five Elder Stars”, but the kanji for “Star” (星) is part of the Japanese word for “Planet” (惑星).
So it makes sense for them to be named after planets in the Solar System, making the Gorosei = Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Within our Solar System that leaves Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Earth. For which 3 are known as Ancient Weapons in the verse. I believe there are at least 5 other Ancient Weapons which are what the Gorosei represent. They each can control 1.


The ability to control the 8 weapons is given only to those from a royal bloodline. During the Void Century these were some of the Kings who formed the World Government aka the Gorosei.

With the Nefertari Family choosing not to join, it leads me to believe they were successors to another Ancient Weapon power. Possibly Uranus and the one who can command it being Vivi. Reason being Vivi’s sudden disappearance after Imu showed interest in her. I believe Vivi was captured and was forced to use Uranus to destroy Lulusia.


The next is Poseidon. Every few generations a mermaid of royal descent is born with the ability to contol the Sea Kings. Shirahoshi being Poseidon is a bit misleading. The true weapon is the power of the Sea Kings, and Shirahoshi is the royal who inherited the power to command them.

Finally, Pluton. Due to it residing in Wano, I believe it can only be commanded by another ruler of royal bloodline (Momonosuke). It is highly possible he is the one who will command Pluton.

Ultimately, these 3 rulers are kings/queens of nations that are not affiliated with the World Government. They think these 3 weapons are evil, aiming to erase/control them while they hypocritically own 5 of them.

What could prove all of this true would be two things:

  • The Voice of All Things. This ability being the actual means to control the weapons. Admittedly, only 4 people have this ability – Luffy, Roger, Momonosuke and Oden. The key is that the last 2 are both direct descendants of royals. Then, I like to think of Shirahoshi’s ability to be the Voice of All Things. Lastly, we would need Vivi and the Gorosei to showcase this ability too.
  • The Road Poneglyphs. We know the original location of 3 were Wano, Fishman Island and Zou. We never knew where Big Mom got hers from, if it was from Alabasta, it also proves this reasoning.

But there’s one more planet! Yes, the Earth’s representation being Imu. My reason for this is simple, based on the solar system in Ohara, it seems it is believed the Earth is the center of the solar system and everything revolves around it just as it was believed pre-Galileo Galilei.

Aside from a nice reference it would prove poetic and vital to the plot. Where Imu (Earth) is glorified as the pivotal celestial being when in reality it is Luffy (Sun) who pulls everyone towards him.

Making the people of the D. with the ability to hear the Voice of All Things the antithesis of these kings who pass their ability through bloodlines. The Inherited Will is one that forgoes blood, solidifying one of my favorite tropes in One Piece… Found Family over Blood Family.

I honestly want to say a bunch more but this is getting incredibly long! What do you guys think?

*Theory by Few_Cicada3788

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