The Secret Treasure of Mary Geoise


Ever since we’ve heard about the secret treasure of Mary Geoise, the fandom has been crazy about it and it has always been one of the primary mysteries we wanted solved. Doflamingo mentioned that its reveal would shake the world and the Celestial Dragons would do anything to keep it a secret hidden away from the public. That just makes it all the more intriguing.


Now, with the last page of Chapter 906, we get the long awaited reveal, it’s a LARGE STRAWHAT!

But what does this mean? Why is it so important? I’ll give the outline of why I really think that treasure is very important and how it is linked to the biggest sin of the ancestors of the Celestial Dragons.


Here is what I think and I’m sure many people have already thought about this. That Strawhat belongs to an important person from the Ancient Kingdom, Joy Boy. I believe, preserved along with that Strawhat is nothing other than Joy Boy’s dead body. The Strawhat is perhaps just a hidden symbol. Firstly, we can see that the Strawhat was preserved in a very cold room, typical environment to keep a dead body from decomposing.
As you can see here below, the surroundings look very chilly and the room was tightly sealed with a large door with a wheel lock.


The person (who my inner fanboy really wants to think is Vegapunk himself) is holding Luffy’s bounty poster perhaps to compare the Strawhats (I’m not sure of this at all).
The Strawhat is placed on top of a platform, which seems like it could be a casket/grave.
I think that this is were Joy Boy’s dead body is being preserved. But why is Joy Boy’s body so important and why would it shake the world if it was revealed?

We all know about the Void century, 100 years of no recorded history and all of a sudden, the World Government has come to power with 20 Celestial Dragons at the top of it and the Ancient Kingdom was destroyed. How did these leaders of 20 kingdoms become rulers of the world, and why is it all covered in secrecy? This is most likely because the World Government came to power through unethical means. Just as Clover thought.

Joy Boy made an agreement with Poseidon and the 20 kingdoms, but the 20 kingdoms lied and deceived him. They only wanted the weapons and the Ancient Kingdom (their rivals in power) eliminated. They killed him to sabotage his plans to bring the Fishmen to the surface and later preserved his body when they found out that his body along with his Strawhat hold the clue to finding URANUS. However, the missing link is the One Piece that has been safely kept hidden in the Ancient Kingdom itself on Raftel.

I believe the Strawhat is a hidden symbol and holds no other material significance besides the fact that Joy Boy wore it and it perhaps holds a small but vital clue that Joy Boy has kept hidden from the 20 kingdoms. But it’s major purpose is to serve as a symbol that signifies the existence of the Ancient Kingdom, or Joy Boy, and cannot be allowed to be accessed/viewed by the public.

So the treasure of Mary Geoise is Joy Boy’s dead body, preserved in Mary Geoise itself as it contains vital information regarding the ancient weapon Uranus (could also be some other reason but I can’t think of anything else). The revelation of this information to the world would seriously undermine the World Government’s justification on banning the deciphering of Poneglyphs to prevent the Ancient Weapons from being found and would cause the rest of the world to start wondering who Joy Boy was, why he was killed, and why is his dead body is so important. These questions would highlight the sudden disappearance of the Ancient Kingdom and also the Void Century to the public and cause world wide unrest as it would bring into question the legitimacy of the Celestial Dragon’s control over the World Government.

As Professor Clover from Ohara said, the mere thought that this Ancient Kingdom existed is a threat to the World Government, so the fact that a preserved dead body of an ancient ruler/great person like this exists would indeed threaten the World Government’s position and bring into question its history and origins.

Why did Roger fail when he found the One Piece? I stick to what Rayleigh said. The time wasn’t right, maybe they were too hasty with things. Maybe there was a lack of support from the rest of the world or even from within the World Government. Today, we have the Revolutionary Army, we have people among the Marines themselves who hate the Celestial Dragons, the situation may have not been so conducive for Roger to lead a revolution then especially with his illness taking a toll on his lifespan.

I’m still scratching my head over how all of this connects to the Will of D. Probably the D. were a powerful group of people belonging to the Ancient Kingdom who were a major part of the ancient war and were hence the direct enemies of the 20 kingdoms that they fought 800 years ago.

*Theory by ToBeThriller

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