The “Strange Shadow” that Marco has noticed in Onigashima


In the latest chapter Marco is seen talking about a strange shadow:


Oda simply wants us to believe it’s Perospero on his candy mount:

But seriously… I know there is no colour, but it’s very small and can easily be confused with the waves.
And, another fact: Perospero was thrown away behind, and Marco and Nekomamushi continued their way ahead.. Is Perospero fast enough for being seen again by Marco, while he was heading to Onigashima carrying Nekomamushi?


And that doesn’t really make sense for Marco to go back only to overthrow again Perospero, draw him, and come back again.. I think he had his moment with Big Mom Pirates crew for now, and clearly he said that he won’t see them again until a long time…


After everything we’ve seen on the last chapters, all revelations, all people gathered, couldn’t that shadow be something very more important?
I mean, “shadow” reminds me a very particular character: Gecko Moria. And also the Yami Yami no Mi of Blackbeard…

Is it possible that Blackbeard Pirates, with new mate Moria seeking revenge against Kaido, would be that weird shadow at sea?

Is there any possibility that Onigashima is actually blowing up? I mean, in the next chapter, with all Kaido’s Calamities and alliances gathered in a single place, is it time for this arc to show us the most impressive chapters we’ve seen yet?

*by fr_mugiwara

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