Baltigo being destroyed was planned.

Let’s start with how did Burgess get on Baltigo in the first place…

While being almost completely unconscious Burgess stowed away on a ship’s hull.
Now to start with a ship’s hull is inside the ship, usually where you store supplies and things.

Considering the fact that it was most likely Sabo’s ship (who definitely has CoO and would notice if Burgess was on his ship) and the fact that we know the Revolutionaries took the weapons from Dressrosa (which you would store in the hull)No one noticed him?
I find it extremely hard to believe a half-dead man could completely hide himself inside a revolutionary ship (who are probably the most paranoid and cautious people in the world).
Then just sneak off the ship and hide behind some rocks and no one would notice him.
Remember he was barely holding onto consciousness, it’s not like he could just run off the ship when no one was looking.

I think Dragon purposefully brought Burgess to Baltigo knowing it would bring Blackbeard himself, now here’s where I’m going to get into another theory I have…
That Aokiji is a revolutionary.

“Based on intel from an unidentified individual, they were able to locate the revolutionaries headquarters”
We know the only people who knew where Baltigo was, were the Blackbeard Pirates following a Vivre Card, and they arrived first, seeming how Aokiji is allied with Blackbeard, I can make the following assumptions on how the Marines got the intel. (since I doubt Blackbeard told them)
A. Aokiji was told by Dragon to tip off the Marines
B. Dragon was the one who tipped off the Marines
Since no one but the Revolutionaries and Blackbeard knew where Baltigo was…
I mean NO ONE could find this place for years and the second Blackbeard found it, the Marines and Cipher Pol happen to show up too? Way too unlikely.

Now why would Dragon want his headquarters destroyed?
Well… for one the Reverie is coming up…
and based off the assumption Dragon did know that Blackbeard and Marines were coming

Notice how he doesn’t say where to gather them… further speculation he knew Baltigo’s fate.

We know Blackbeard Pirates arrived first since they apparently had “destroyed the place”
by the time the marines showed up.

So my theory is Dragon set up the headquarters destruction, to make the Cipher Pol’s think that the Revolutionaries are hurting/trying to recover/possibly destroyed/etc. (causing them to possibly lower there guard) since all they saw was a destroyed Baltigo.
While in secret, Dragon is actually gathering all his military strength and is going to make an appearance at the Reverie.
Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

*Theory by godenel

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