The strongest and most well balanced Supernova Crew!


With Jinbe’s official entry into the crew, we can appreciate the line-up of the Straw Hats right now.


The Captain is considered to be the 5th Emperor due to his strength, actions and charisma.

He comes from a powerful lineage and his greatest power, a magnetic personality, gave him access to connections such as a whole army, having the previous Pirate King’s first mate train him, and having a warlord fall in love with him.


A powerful swordsman, taught by the greatest swordsman – he will one day claim that title. He wields 3 swords, one of which once owned by the great Kozuki Oden.


A skilled navigator who, despite not being a great fighter, is in possession of one of the Yonko Big Mom’s devastating weapons.

A sniper that has perfect accuracy and precision. Not to mention his immense luck. He is considered a God by many.

A powerful chef who is a prince of the Germa 66 – a royal family that has technology that may rival Vegapunk’s.

A doctor who has saved many lives, and has the potential to cure any sickness and disease. The only known zoan fruit user who has found a way to transform into many different forms other than the standard two.

The only living person who can ever read the text on the Poneglyphs – the only way to find One Piece

A genius engineer who once had possession of the blueprints to one of the Ancient Weapons. He was an apprentice of the shipwright who built the previous Pirate King’s ship.

A popstar who escaped death – he successfully stole a print of one of the Yonko’s Poneglyphs.

And now we have a former warlord, who is the most powerful fish-man seen thus far.

The crew of the future Pirate King.

by Archist2357

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