The Strongest Pirate Of The Old Era And His Impact On The Yonko


Rocks D. Xebec was said to be so formidable that it took Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp fighting together to defeat him.


The man was a monster. But in my opinion, what made him even more dangerous was the knowledge he possessed.

Taboo subjects of the world

Rocks was said to have dabbled with information that the World Government had prohibited anyone from accessing. This might very well be, the Poneglyphs. Rocks probably had some means to read the Poneglyphs, allowing him to learn parts of the ancient history. This was probably the way he came to know of the existence of “The King Of The World”. He sought to overthrow the Celestial Dragons and by extension Imu, and usurp the position for himself.


Being a part of the Rocks Pirates could’ve been how Big Mom and Kaido came to know of the Road Poneglyphs and their importance. It is still unclear as to how one would come to know of its importance/existence. So it would make sense.

God Valley


38 Years ago, in the island of God Valley, Garp and Roger teamed up to curb the uprising of the Rocks Pirates. Rocks had come to the island to kill the Celestial Dragons gathered there on that day.

Here’s what Sengoku had to say:

“An island whose existence the World Government desired very much to keep a secret, had vanished.”

This implies to me that the World Government was covering up the identity of the island even before the incident. It’s fair to assume the Government buster called the island after the incident. But why did they try to cover it up before I think the island housed the final dragon egg.

It makes sense.

  • The Celestial Dragons would gather there to try to acquire it, due to their infatuation for Dragons . They call themselves Dragons, their symbol is the hoof of a dragon, they ordered Vegapunk to create artificial dragons, the artificial devil fruit created by Vegapunk was one of the dragon.
  • Would explain the giant egg on Rogers’s ship. Maybe Roger took the egg, after beating Rocks.

Impact Of Rocks On The Emperors

Whitebeard: Whitebeard doesn’t seem to be the type of guy who would associate with someone as wild and cruel like Rocks. But he did. I think this was because he was using the treasure he was obtaining to fund the livelihood of the people of Sphinx Island.

Marco told Nekomamushi that Newgate did some shady shit to provide for the people in his homeland. Maybe associating with Rocks and doing his bidding might be that shady shit.

Whitebeard also understood what a pirate shouldn’t be from Rocks. He is everything Rocks isn’t.

That’s why we shouldn’t underestimate Big Mom

The most dangerous enemy of the Revolutionary Army is not the World Government