The Throne Wars: Who Rules The Seas?


This theory is about our favorite tall talker Doflamingo and what he meant with his iconic “Throne Wars” speech.


We already start off strong with deep insight from Doflamingo. He knows exactly what Tsuru means and what the consequences of his defeat will be. Tsuru asks Doflamingo “what will happen to the pirates now?” This is not a small question by any means, but a very important one to set up the stage of the upcoming events in the series. Doflamingo responds by stating that he will rephrase the question in “What do you think will happen to the monster, now, when they have lost their food source?”


This is the main question of the entire monologue and everything after this is stated to solve this question solely. Let’s also keep in mind that it was Luffy & his Allies who took down Doflamingo and freed those monsters by destroying their food source.

Now, this is quite interesting. We see all pirates in one picture, why is that? Because the one person who will be able to control those monsters will be the one who rules all the seas. It will be one of those pirates on this picture. Thats why they all have been mentioned. It will be an all out fight between them and the one who will prevail will be the one who rules the sea. The victor will become the next Pirate King. One of them has already the crown but that is for later.


Now why where those shown together? Well, it’s because the Revolutionaries will clash with the Marines and their separate conflict will begin. Their distinct conflict might have already started with the Kuma rescue operation in the last chapter.


Now the big players are introduced but there are candidates who are missing.

The family of “D.” will finally appear and reveal themselves to the world for what they truly are. This mystery will be resolved after the ruler of the sea is determined. “Who is going to deal with who…and who will betray whom?!” The players are the ones who will deal & betray each other.

The reveal of the “D.”/One Piece/Pirate King mystery will lead to the destruction of the Celestial Dragons.

Here it is directly stated even though it was only just implied before. Doflamingo explains the throne is to become the pirate king because Roger was the one who crossed the entire grand line 25 years ago and his rival, Whitebeard only knell before it.

The “Throne Wars” started and it’s the biggest one in all of history where all the big players in the entire world take part in. There will be multiple throne wars and all to keep that one throne. Now let’s get into less obvious stuff and what will happen next in more detail. These are my predictions and are just some plot points I see being resolved that way. I am not set on anything from this point but I think I can make a solid case for every point mentioned.

The Shichibukai system will be dispelled. All its members will be active player against the World Government again. They at least will take sides like for example Mihawk joining up with Shanks to defeat Blackbeard and even possibly losing(Shiryu’s fruit might cancel out Mihawk’s Observation Haki if Oda wishes so or Blackbeard beats Mihawk after he beats Shanks, many scenario’s are possible here). One pirate in the end will prevails and Luffy of course is the one who will succeed. On his way he will make allies with all the yonkos and different pirates including the Shichibukai which will lead to the revival of ROCKS.

Rocks will surely be revived, that’s why it was mentioned in the first place and it was said by Garp that it will be a power bigger than anyone is imagining. Luffy is the only one who can revive ROCKS because he is in conflict with the only known members. We also know he will almost certainly become pirate king and will obtain the strength to control them. No one else in the series can revive ROCKS except him. Mihawk’s words in Marineford will make more sense to us the more the series will progress.

Luffy will take down Kaido & Big Mom who will becomes his underlings after Wano & Elbaf (will be able to 1v1 Big Mom once he mastered Haki fully and takes down Kaido in a 3v1 scenario at least. Luffy, Kid & Law VS Kaido once they mastered haki fully is a good shoot. Let’s not forget that Kaido is unbeatable 1v1 but the trick is that he is beatable with multiple opponents. That is how he was captured by the Marines).

Not only Doflamingo knows about the upcoming throne wars. Shanks knows it as well and that’s why he met the Gorosei. The throne wars where about to start and nobody knows this more than the person who believes to know who will become the Pirate King. He wanted to buy time for Luffy and convinced the Gorosei to let him be for a while. Shanks could have argued that the Gorosei can’t lose either way if they let Luffy do his thing. If Luffy wins by some accident and Kaido get defeated/dies they can easily take out Luffy with one of their Admirals. They think Luffy is just a guy who is easily beatable (all Admirals would say they can crush him easily except maybe Fujitora because of his personal feelings) and would have beaten Kaido by other means(100 vs 1/tricks). The World Government benefits through Kaido’s defeat/death and if Luffy gets killed by Kaido which is the way more likely case they don’t have to send an Admiral away for Luffy, especially while the Reverie is going (that’s why he appeared in that exact moment where he could make the case that leaving Luffy alone at least during the reverie is beneficial to them). An argumentation like that is my guess. Let’s also not forgot that Shanks is the one who believes in Luffy’s potential and crowned him in advance. He believes Luffy will succeed in some way and will surpass everyone and ultimately become the Pirate King.

Blackbeard brings up every point up again, like all the players including the Marines/Revolutionaries/Yonkos/Youngsters. He even brings up the throne and that all the heavyweights of the world come together to fight for it. Blackbeard is aware that the battle for the throne of the Pirate King has already begun.

The Throne Wars

Now why did I stated before that it’s one throne even though it’s called throne WARS? Because once the throne is climbed (defeat of Yonko’s and lastly Blackbeard to obtain the One Piece) and the Pirate King is decided it has to be held. Once the One Piece is obtained and ROCKS is revived and the strongest Alliance ever created the next throne war will start. The Pirate King Alliance against the World Government and all its remaining Kingdoms. Before that the purpose of the Revolutionaries will finally come into play and the meeting between Dragon & Luffy will occur.

Monkey D. Dragon & The End of the Story

Dragon’s purpose will be to unite all the Kingdoms who want to leave the World Government and want to fight on Luffy’s side. That includes Alabasta, Ryuga Kingdom, Dressrosa and everyone else inspired and tired of the World Government. The meeting could happen beforehand so it makes more sense time-wise because then Dragon has time to rile up the different nations who want to leave the World Government. The last battle will begin and some Marines will defect to Luffy’s side (they will become pirates but stay marines who will later on take over) once the face of the World Government is shown.

The existence of Im-sama will be revealed to the world and that it was a shadow government all along ruled by a single individual who sit the throne. Which by its own standard means that the person sitting on it is the oppressor of the world. The marines will fall into the next generation(Coby) leadership with old & wise members like Kuzan/Fujitora/who will ally with Luffy as well. Everything will lead to Luffy winning the first throne war by becoming Pirate King and keeping it(with Rocks+Revolutionaries+Allied Kingdoms) against the World Government(Marines/CP/Kingdoms).

*Theory by Donal D. Trump

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