The Timeline of Gol D. Roger



  • Roger contracts an illness that is incurable. Only having a few years to live, Roger pitches one last journey into the Grand Line.
  • They come to Reverse Mountain – Recruit Crocus as a doctor to keep Roger alive.
  • They went to Skypiea – found the Poneglyphs and the Golden Bell of Shandora. Roger was able to read the Poneglyph.
  • They reached Water 7 – Presumably their own ship got wrecked and with help of Tom, they got Oro Jackson for the final voyage.
  • They probably had to go Sabaody to get a coating first and Rayleigh & Shakky must have met for the first time here to later strike a partnership down the line. From there, Roger travelled to Fishman Island.
  • He learns about Joy Boy and the final letter. He probably also met Otohime. Roger uses the voice to hear Sea Kings speak to him but he cannot talk back to them.
  • Roger potentially runs into Whitebeard and fights him. It was probably a clash of Wills and they become “friendly” foes. Roger meets Oden, Duke & Neko who served under Whitebeard pirates.
  • Roger is taken to Wano by Kozuki Oden. Presumably at this point, Roger knows about the Road Poneglyphs because one of them is in Wano & the other in Zou. Roger then recruits Oden, Neko & Duke on his voyage and they come out of Whitebeard’s crew because Whitebeard has no interest in conquering the seas.
  • Roger goes to Big Mom’s territory and steals her Road Poneglyph.
  • Roger finds the 4th Poneglyph to travel to Raftel. (Unsure how)
  • By this point, Roger knows about the Ancient Weapons, historical information about the Void Century (but not the complete) and has the knowledge to go to Raftel to conquer Grand Line.
  • Shiki interferes to fight with Roger and in a twist of fate, Shiki’s ships are sunk and Roger travels to Raftel. (I have an idea on how later)
  • There, Roger and his crew learn about the Void Century.


  • Roger is now celebrated all over the world as Pirate King.
  • Given that they’ll have to travel back to the beginning of Grand Line in Alabasta to retrieve Pluton’s remaining mess & to go to Water 7 to find the blueprints and to get hold of Poseidon (who’s just a little child).
  • Roger is convinced that the time now was not right & he was not the person to do these tasks.
  • Roger disbands his crew and asks them to go their separate ways: He tells them to wait for one group in the next generation of pirates who will certainly bring about the “Dawn of the world”.


  • Roger meets Whitebeard – meeting is presumably to let him know that he’s going to surrender himself to Marines & informs Whitebeard about what is the “D”.
  • Spends time with Rogue in South Blue.
  • Roger meets Rayleigh one last time & tells him, “I won’t die… partner.”. Surrenders himself to the Marines.
  • Roger is in prison – asks Garp to take care of Ace.
  • Gol D. Roger – executed – Last dying words ignite the next era of Piracy.

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