The Traitor Among the Five Elders


Searching about One Piece I noticed that there’s a pattern when it comes to members of a group.

There is somehow a person who is either a traitor or has left a group of 5 people lead by one, most noticeable Corazon (Donquixote Rosinante) in the Donquixote Pirates.


We can see the same pattern in the Germa 66, with Sanji being the one who left the family and being considered a traitor.

Also, there’s a theory that mentions that Urouge was the 5th priest of Enel as we can see that when the Straw Hats get to the doors that lead to the priests test there is a fifth door that was lowered and closed:


That being said it will leave the group like this:


And this got me thinking about the Five Elders, another group of 5, and the possibility of one of them being a traitor. Not much information on this, but, we can compare the way Doflamingo was seen by his pirates and Im by the Elders.

We can see the parallels between the two images, and, in the position where Corazon was suppose to be is empty, but in the Five Elders that position is occupied by one of them… and we know who it is.

So my guess if any of the Five Elders is going to be a traitor or ever leave the group is this.

*Theory by Wpiece

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