The Treasure of Mary Geoise is the corpse of someone strong like Gol D. Roger


I’ve been re-reading One Piece, and realized Oda dropped a lot of hints about what the treasure of Mary Geoise is. I figured I would attempt to piece them together.


Let’s start with the biggest piece of information we’ve been given, Doflamingo’s comments in chapter 761.

Here he says “If only I’d had the Ope Ope no Mi, I would have been able to use the treasure to rule the world!” What is Doffy trying to say? His words would mean that powers granted by the Ope Ope no Mi are crucial to using it. Specifically, he says the Personality-Switching Operation and the Immortality Operation powers granted by it.


Why would those be useful to using the treasure? It wouldn’t make any sense, unless the treasure is some sort of… biological thing, since the Ope Ope no Mi’s powers are surgery-based. Let’s hold on to that thought.

In chapter 906, we get a glimpse at the treasure in this panel.


This giant straw hat makes no sense. Why would the treasure be a hat? It brings up more questions and answers nothing. Well, Oda is a master of misdirection. I don’t think the treasure is the hat at all. I think the hat is marking the treasure. In actuality, I think the treasure is the corpse of a certain somebody who wore the straw hat.

Look where the hat is being kept. It’s in a freezer. The only other time we’ve seen corpses in storage was on Thriller Bark, and what would you know, the corpses there were frozen too. You can see the same sort of frozen-shading on Oars.

One of the unsolved mysteries we still have is after the Marineford war, why Doflamingo was ordered to kill Moria. Doflamingo said he was ordered by someone even higher up than Sengoku, implying the Gorosei (or maybe even Im).

When he failed, representatives in the Holy Land were extremely worried, calling it “no laughing matter”.

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