So one of the biggest mysteries of One Piece is well…the One Piece. The treasure itself. What is it? Is it a tangible object? Is it an idea? Is it the Rio Poneglyph? All of these could be valid answers, but I have a better proposition that ties into the bigger story of the series.

I’d like to reference the Inherted Will theory, possibly THE most famous One Piece theory ever crafted. This theory states that the One Piece is a plan to destroy the Red Line, which is a distinct and strong possibility due to the amount of foreshadowing the series has built up to the ultimate destruction of the Red Line. Laboon wants to destroy it to get to his family, the great red snake comments from Dory and Broggy that Joy_Boy_Theories pointed out in one of his videos, and etc. There’s definitely a lot of problems in the One Piece world that is primarily garnered by the division the Red Line brings to the seas. How do I think this itself is the One Piece? It isn’t out of the realm of possibility, however it fails to cover many things. How does destroying the Red Line actually tie into the history of the Celestial Dragons? How does it tie into the Will of D.? There’s a lot of holes here that need to be covered, and I think I have a solution.

While it’s obvious the destruction of the Red Line might be an inevitability. Back in Fishman Island, Madam Shirley distinctly predicted that Luffy would destroy Fishman Island. This could imply the destruction of the Red Line would have an adverse affect on Fishman Island as well, but due to Joy Boy’s dream of putting the Fishmen on land, I doubt by the time an event like this occurs it would be an issue for the fishmen and mermaids of Fishman Island. However while this might be what the One Piece by and large creates a catalyst for, I do not think this is the One Piece itself. Rather, this might be a “Dream” from another era, another time, recorded on the Rio Poneglyph. Why?

Well, the big issue here is that, simply put, if Luffy were to do this, it would really establish him as a criminal of the greatest caliber in the world. There really wouldn’t be any good way to spin the destruction of the Red Line due to the amount of innocent people that would die from it. Also, Luffy is someone that I feel would not want to take such a course of action in a way that would paint him as someone that massacres thousands upon thousands of people. Luffy wants to be a pirate, but he has no desire to do evil deeds and has always made due doing what he felt was right even in the most complex of situations.

For Luffy to take such an extreme decision, I feel like there needs to be infallible proof to him that such a thing would be a just action. Luffy can act irrationally at times, but he ultimately boils down to a simple idea. He isn’t just going to listen to some old text and assume everything at face value. Something, somewhere, is going to show him a definitive fact that ultimately proves destroying the Red Line is necessary.

This, I feel, is what the One Piece is going to be. The One Piece is going to be the “one piece” of evidence to show that the 20 Kingdoms were in the wrong for destroying the Ancient Kingdom. It won’t be a collection of things, a plan, an idea, but infallible proof that the Ancient Kingdom was wronged by the 20 Kingdoms that later became the World Government. Why do I think this? There’s many reasons, but here’s what I’ve narrowed down to:


1. The Implication of what finding the One Piece and/or becoming Pirate King will do the the One Piece world.

Both Whitebeard and Doflamingo have made it clear that whenever One Piece is found, the entire world is going to be shaken up. Doflamingo specifically mentioned how it’ll affect the Celestial Dragons. I think this is a distinct clue that the One Piece is truly something that is going to turn the entire perspective of the world upside down.


2. The Doflamingo Family migrating to Mariejois.

What’s interesting about this is that for some unknown reason, the Doflamingo outright left the Kingdom of Dressrosa to move into Mariejois with the other Celestial Dragons. This implies that the Celestial Dragons did not previously inhabit Mariejois which could mean two things: They took over Mariejois from another group of people (possibly the D. Clan), or they established Mariejois themselves as a new capital. However I think if the destruction of the Red Line is one of the ultimate goals in the series, I do not think either one is really a clear-cut answer to this situation and I’ll explain why later on.

3. Whitebeard’s resolve to make Ace the Pirate King

Whitebeard was very clearly not interested in the One Piece, even though Roger told him everything about it. However him pushing Ace forward towards this goal implies that it’s very likely only people of the D. Clan can obtain the One Piece, or they’re “supposed” to get the One Piece. This implies heavily that the D. Clan and the One Piece are directly connected to each other in various ways, as well as the implication of Blackbeard being a blacksheep of the D. Clan.

So with this, what is the One Piece if it’s infallible evidence that the 20 Kingdoms were wrong? Well since the majority of people in the One Piece world probably isn’t even aware of the 20 Kingdoms or any sort of tidbit about the True History. So what could it be? I have an answer. One Piece is a Terraforming Machine.

First, let’s observe the name of it. One Piece. One Peace. Won Peace. One Piece of Evidence. One Piece of Land.

As we all know, One Piece is a series where things such as weather abnormalities are a common element. There’s clearly something very wrong with the structure of the One Piece world. The islands have weird magnetic pulls with each other for example that pretty much forces people to traverse certain paths. I feel like, however, there’s a specific reason for this. At one point, all of these islands were one, massive landmass, but due to an event in the past, this is no more. I think the One Piece world was already terraformed, once, by the “Gods.”

Now what I’m about to say here, is purely speculation on my part, but it ties into everything I’ve been discussing here. So without further ado.

One day on a peaceful planet in the Prehistoric Era of the Dinosaurs, “Gods” from the Moon descended upon the Earth. Using a terraforming machine to alter the planet for their own habitat, perhaps to form thicker clouds for them to live on, they flooded the entire world in a Great Deluge The survivors of this Great Deluge were the Sea Kings, the animals that once roamed the planet forced to become sea dwellers and carry on a lineage that still lingers till this day. The survivors that didn’t need to change, like the giant elephants, are the only properly living remnants of such a world existing. This terraforming machine they used to mold the world is what was eventually turned into what is now the “One Piece.” In this case, it was One Piece of Sea.

This Great Deluge affected early humans as well. Some evolved into Minks, some into Fishmen, and various other tribes. Humans themselves however still persisted, unbeknownst of what caused such a dynamic shift that caused the entire world to be flooded, and continued living for thousands upon thousands of years.

Eventually, a ruling human body was established. This was the Ancient Kingdom, and their main HQ was Mariejois. The Ancient Kingdom operated under a lawful, but largely segmented rule over the world similar to our own in real life. At this point, a lot of Kingdoms have taken it upon themselves to enslave other races like the Dwarves and Fishmen, but the Ancient Kingdom wanted none of that and actively enforced rules to prevent this in a very feudal, aggressive, but effective system. These enforcers were what was known as the D. Clan, servants of King Joy Boy of Mariejois. Joy Boy also housed the Devil Fruit tree, which produced fruits that gave people extraordinary powers and became the “Treasure of Mariejois.”

This policing of the world angered various people of power, and the alliance between the 20 Kingdoms was established in secret. Eventually, these 20 Kingdoms found the terraforming machine used by the “Gods” told of in ancient tradition, calling it the “One Piece” and initiating a plan to enforce an iron grip over the world itself by seizing Mariejois and raising it to higher ground. Believing themselves to be doing God’s will, and labeling the Ancient Kingdom as being “Devils” due to using Devil Fruits (possibly coining the term themselves as propaganda), they innated this plan with great pride and belief they’re genuinely in the right.

A war occurred between the 20 Kingdoms and the Ancient Kingdom. The 20 Kingdoms created a warship known as Pluton to attack Mariejois, and the Ancient Kingdom used Poseidon to command the Sea Kings to attack the advancing fleets. Suddenly, however, a third party got involved: The Gods themselves! The Sky races descended upon the world and unleashed Uranus, a massive dragon that leveled out the entire battlefield with it’s power. Unfortunately for the Ancient Kingdom, the 20 Kingdoms were larger in number and scope, and having more survivors, they seized Mariejois and used the One Piece to create a MASSIVE landmass that segments the world into four seas. Joy Boy was defeated, however he survived the war alongside the D. Clan and they spread across the seas hoping that one day, they might appear again and bring justice to the wrong-doing the 20 Kingdoms did to the Ancient Kingdom.

What was Joy Boy’s dream? He wanted to take back his land, the Land of Mariejois. It belongs to the D. Clan, not to the Celestial Dragons. Joy Boy secluded himself at a mysterious island he dubbed Raftel, a place that is extremely difficult to get to unless you can decipher a series of Poneglyphs he distributed amongst the allies of the Ancient Kingdom.

Hundreds of years later, Gol D. Roger found the “One Piece” as well as learned the True History. He obtains Uranus, or the egg that becomes Uranus, but it doesn’t ever hatch in his lifetime and he’s never able to fulfill Joy Boy’s dream due to his illness. To prevent the abuse of One Piece, Gol D. Roger places it in a place only he’s ever been to in his era: Raftel. 


With this speculatory theory in mind, if this is indeed what the “One Piece” is, Luffy as well can fulfill his dream of becoming Pirate King. According to Luffy, being the Pirate King means you’re the “freest man in the world” and I think if Luffy obtained a device that gave him complete control over the land AND the sea, he can truly be considered the absolute freest man without any doubt.

*Theory by Big One

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