The Truth Behind Jewelry Bonney’s Devil Fruit


The Truth Behind Jewelry Bonney’s Devil Fruit – Bonney doesn’t have a Toshi Toshi fruit

The name Toshi Toshi was mentioned once in Chapter 1099 “Could this be the Age-Age Fruit?”. There are a few Devil Fruits that can do what other fruits can do, so there is a chance that they mistakenly assumed that she has the Age-Age fruit.
She also has an ability “Distorted future” which seemingly goes beyond the Age-Age fruit abilities.
Do you believe that “Warm Eddie” just randomly appeared and saved her after her ships was destroyed?
Kuma awakened and presumably went to Egghead after Bonney passed out in Chapter 1067.


The Kanji for Toshi is . If she has a different fruit may be there is a hint in this kanji?  has another reading – Nen. She is called an Age Manipulation Human (齢自在人間, Nenrei Jizai Ningen).
There is only one other Kanji that is pronounced Nen as a stand alone kanji – . Yes, the same Nen as in Hunter x Hunter.  – wish, sense, idea, desire.
Desire was mentioned a lot in this arc – York’s epithet 欲 -yoku -greed/desire, chapter 1069 望む -nozomu -to desire/to want.

Lots if not most of Devil Fruit names are actual Onomatopoeic(sounding similar to the noise the word refers to) Japanese words written in kana or Japanese words that are just pronounced by repeating thet same “sound” again. Guragura, Meramera, Horohoro, Yamiyami, Meromero etc. So, basically they are mostly not made up words but actual Japanese words. It doesn’t mean that Toshitoshi fruit is not possible because there is no word “Toshitoshi”, because “Gomugomu” is not a word too.
But there is a word Nennen – 念々/念念 – continually thinking about something. Even thou its not an Onomatopoeic word, it still adds to the theory.

Her mom’s name is ジニー, translated as Ginny, but it is pronounced as Jinii. Sounds like Djinni – creature that grants wishes .


Sounds kinda broken, but I think she has a Wish Wish fruit – Nen Nen no Mi. She can transform into anything, she conjured the “Warm Eddie”, she summoned Kuma when she passed out.
For the question “Why didn’t she abuse her Devil Fruit power” – she doesn’t know about her full potential, she thinks that she has just an Age Age fruit.

*Theory by kosuna

Jewelry Bonney’s Devil Fruit Power is Terrifying!

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