The Truth behind Orochi’s blackmail against Oden!


In the latest chapter we see Oden’s attack is stopped by Semimaru, one of Orochi’s aides, who is a former user of the Bari Bari no Mi.


Both Semimaru and Higurashi, the elderly woman who aided Orochi, are members of the Kurozumi Family.

After his initial confrontation with Orochi, the two make an agreement which involves a boat and Oden dancing naked on the street of the Flower Capital.


Oden continued to dance naked once a week for the next five years, which caused most of the people of Wano Country to lose faith and respect for Oden. Apart from that, his family, retainers, and close friends still believed in him.


Five years after Oden’s return, Hyogoro was captured for his defiance. His wife and 16 of his men were killed after starting a revolt.
At this point Oden realized Orochi never intended to respect his side of their deal.
This event led Oden to gather his retainers to rebel.

My question is how Orochi managed to blackmail Oden so “easily”? Of course he was threatening all the people of Wano but I think Oden with his retainers could have protected them, fighting Orochi and Kaido from the beginning. There would have been casualties of course, but what was he hoping to gain waiting 5 more years for Orochi to keep his end of the bargain? Yes he promised something regarding a “boat” and “Kaido himself” but how could he trust him?

What if instead he was forced to do that in order protect something even more important he could not afford to lose. I have 3 theories:

1)Toki: What if the arrow she was hit with had some kind of slow acting poison from Queen that could be neutralized just by giving her some antidote every week? He had to dance every week and made a fool of himself in order to get a dose every week from Orochi? Or maybe Orochi simply told him that there was a spy close to his family who could kill his wife and his children very easily. So Oden felt that he couldn’t risk, even slightly, to lose his family.

2)The Wano Borders: Orochi, realizing it or not, was threatening to do something that would affect forever the opening of Wano’s borders and Joy Boy’s return, destroying the future of the world. Knowing the importance of that event, Oden decided “temporarily” to sacrifice himself and his people for an even greater good.

3)Oden’s dad: What if he is alive, and Orochi was using that as a way to keep Oden complacent. Oden specifically asks, was him being sick even real? The witch could have been there for a while.

*by alathon89

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