The Ultimate Plan of Monkey D. Dragon & The Secret Mission of Bon Kurei


After seeing Morley with his dig or clay-devilfruit and the fact, that Level 5.5 Newkama Land was build by a person with a digging fruit, I got that the idea that the Revolutionary Army may had planned much more than we think.


Morley could have been a woman, which isn’t far streched as he is an okama. I’ll be using this as a base for my theory.

After she was imprisoned together with Iva and Inazuma -both of them were imprisoned because we can see them on list of prisoners, but their names were crossed out- Morley, maybe living under another name at this point of the story, managed to break free with them. She created Newkama Land and then Iva changed Morley to man, so she wouldn’t be recognised outside (The World Government still thought Shiki’s breakout was the only one before Luffy’s).


Now a man, Morley returned to Monkey D. Dragon with a plan: Iva and Inazuma would stay in Impel Down and free prisoners from Impel Down. As they stayed in Newkama Land, the World Government would just think they died and were eaten by the wolves or beasts or something. None of them would appear on the outside world except Morley, but her gender was changed, so nobody at the World Goverment could connect the dots.


So the Revolutionaries builded up an army of ex-prisoners in Impel Down, ready to go at any moment. The moment the Revolutionary Army challenges the World Government directly, they would start a riot and free all prisoners to severely weakening the World Government.

But as we know, Luffy came and Impel Down was cleared by Luffy & the gang 2 years ago. But now, there are new prisoners and Mr.2 Bon Kurei is still in Newkama Land with all the new freed prisoners.

We saw them at one of the Cover Stories. He could be member of the Revolutionary Army now because he is an Okama and absolutely adores Ivankov, so I could see him joining them. Now he waits for Dragon’s command, ready to wreak havok at Impel Down and cause a huge mess. The Revolutionary Army could appear at the Reverie with a huge epic intro, declaring war to the World Government by announcing that Impel Down is breaking apart the moment they are talking. This would cause huge chaos and give the World Government a massive loss of troops like the soldiers there, Magellan, warships, etc and reputation as well. Many escapees from the new great breakout could also join the Revolutionary Army, strengthening them even more.

What do you think of my theory?

*Theory by XxAnybodyxX

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