The Vinsmoke children are Judge’s version of Vegapunk’s Pacifistas


Judge Vinsmoke worked and studied with Vegapunk as we all know, and Vegapunk is a genius centuries ahead of the rest of his world.


Judge probably wasn’t close to Vegapunk, but he is closer to Vegapunk than he is to the rest of the One Piece world in terms understanding and intellect. Judge even had some knowledge, probably acquired from his ancestors that Vegapunk didn’t, and that allowed him to develop technologies that Vegapunk didn’t.

The areas of expertise of Vegapunk are enormous:

  • Genetics
  • Materials
  • Electronic
  • Mechanic
  • Physic
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Etc.

Most certainly not a single one of his colleagues could keep the track of all his achievements in all those areas as none knew enough of that many areas of expertise. But I think that we already know 2 of the people that were closer to him:

Caesar is the way that was closer to him in knowledge of some specific things, and Judge was the one closet to him overall, as in the guy that had almost as many areas of expertise as him.



Using the premise that Vegapunk had more knowledge of almost any thing than the rest of the scientist of his group we are going to analyse one of his creations, one that comes closer to be what the Vinsmoke children are, The Pacifistas.

What did Vegapunk do to create the Pacifistas and how does he compare to Judge.

  • He slowly took the feelings and intelligence of Kuma
  • He incorporated mechanical parts with powerful materials to enhance his overall physical capacities and the specific enhancements he also incorporated.
  • And here comes the most important part, he was able to incorporate an specific Logia Devil Fruit’s power, the lasers of the Pika Pika no Mi into the body of Kuma.
  • Aside from that he was able to clone Kuma and create almost identical beings.
  • And the last point will be that he also was able to create artificial Devil Fruits, fruits that by being genetically modified they can give whoever he eats them powers somehow similar to that of the Devil Fruit.

Now let’s think about the way the third point was made. A Devil Fruit power was incorporated into a living being that already had eaten a Devil Fruit.

Possible ways he may have done it:

  • He learn how the physics of the laser work and created a machine that can do the same and incorporated it to the Pacifista’s body.
  • He genetically modified the Pacifistas to have somehow similar powers to the Pika Pika no Mi.
  • A combination of the stated points, he modified the Pacifistas to have somehow a light version of the Pika Pika no, just being able to emit light, and he incorporated mechanical parts that enhance that light, direct it towards some tubes and transforms it into a weapon.

My theory is that with the Pacifistas he did the third point. (I also believe that what Vegapunk has done now that makes Fujitora think that the Shichibukai are no longer necessary are mass produced weapons that mimic Devil Fruit powers, gravity swords, laser guns, etc. which he may have done using the first stated point).
I think that the Pacifistas are genetically modified to have light powers, not much, just enough for the mechanical parts to enhance into weapons. If it was the first point, then all the Marines would have had laser guns.

Now why was all this important because Judge has created something similar:

  • He created a cloning machine, but instead of making a few super powerful clones, he mass produces brainwashed humans with little enhancements in their physical conditions.
  • He created 5 super powerful being by genetically modifying them with Logia/Paramecia Devil Fruits.
  • Instead of the boring human enhancement used on the clones, he also modified them using the DNA of real insects (not zoan Devil Fruit) to give them an exoskeleton and increased physical capacities (Sanji didn’t have this modification).
  • He created mechanical suits that enhance the genetic powers and the overall physical abilities of the said super soldiers.
  • He used the knowledge of Germa to make the suits/armours with nano tech and able to adapt to the changes in size of their users (the children had the same armour since they were young, the suit adapted as they grew).

What Devil Fruits were the children modified with?

– Ichiji – Pika Pika no Mi
– Niiju – Goror goro no Mi
– Sanji – Mera Mera no Mi
– Yonji – Moku Moku no Mi
– Reiju – Doku Doku no Mi (if she is an exception and has a Paramecia, if not an unknown poision related Logia)

What’s the difference between Vegapunk’s Pika Pika no Mi enhanced Pacifista and Judge’s Pika Pika no Mi enhanced child?

Vegapunk modified an adult Kuma and mass produced clones in a superficial way to achieve a specific objective, to have lasers. Judge modified his son so that he will have as closer powers to the original Devil Fruit as possible. He not only wanted Ichiji to have powers of a Pika Pika no Mi user, he wanted him to be a Pika Pika no Mi human.

Judge didn’t know the extent of his achievement, he may have thought that they would end up being intangible like Logias are, and as strong as Zoans thanks to their insect parts.

In the end his children have more powers than Pacifistas when It comes to his Devil Fruit DNA, but they could only create their elements and have a little control over it compared to the users of the original Devil Fruit.

What’s the difference between Pacifista’s brainwashing and Germa’s one?

Vegapunk probably didn’t want their creations to suffer or maybe because he was pragmatical but he took everything from them, they are living beings closer to machines and almost unable of conscious thoughts.

Judge wanted loyal and feelingless soldiers, but he wanted them to think, he has been shown to obligate the children to study science, he wants them to be super smart, and so he didn’t do a massive brainwash, just a superficial one. And maybe for that they may be able to save them in the future.

What’s the difference between the cyborg enhancements of the Pacifistas and the suits of the Vinsmokes?

They are completely different, because in this specific area Judge had far more knowledge than Vegapunk, due to his ancestor’s investigation. Instead of using powerful new materials like the wapol metal and inserting them into the human body, Judge used nano machine and special materials to create a mechanical armour that is as flexible as a suit, that adapts to the changes in shape of its owner and that enhance his specific mutations.

Let’s analyse that last part.

Some people think that the suit won’t help Sanji, because he already has powers without the suit, his fire. I disagree.

Judge thought about the powers his children would have and adapted the suit to it.

The best example is Yonji.

He is a pseudo Moku Moku no Mi user. He can create smoke… the extent of his powers is probably low, and he can barely do a thing with it. But the suit in a really creative way allows him to use his powers to enhance his range and attack power. He can use the smoke as if it was steam to manipulate his extensible hands.

The same happens with all the children, their suits not only give them an overall power up because of its materials, but also allow them to further control their Devil Fruit DNA powers and focus them.

And so Judge probably created the suit for them when they weren’t even born, or at least when they were children.

Lastly Judge has been studying the physics of the Devil Fruit powers and has develop, for himself, weapons that emulate those powers, like his boots that are able to use electrical powers.

*Theory by Blas de Lezo

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