The whole Red Line might hide the Great Kingdom and maybe that is the One Piece


The whole Red Line might hide the Great Kingdom and maybe that is the One Piece

Since Chapter 1115 came out I’ve been trying to cook a theory that it makes sense in my mind but I’m probably wrong. But I wanted to get this idea out before it ages like milk. It’s not a new groudbreaking theory, in fact, is similar to others you’ve seen here before, but I think that there are some new elements here that may interest you.

The flooding of the world is an old theory that some people been speculating since Fishman Island Arc as far as I am aware, but it was a very solid theory that came to be proved correct in recent chapters. The Red Line being an artificial creation theory also came around the same time, although nothing is proven yet, but I would say is also a very solid theory since it looks so out of place. Why it goes around the world? Why is 10 km or so above ground? And why is it red?

After this chapter, it also came to mind other questions, mainly why nobody talked anything about the man-made structures beneath the ocean? We know there are people out there that scubadive the oceans to look for treasures, Mont Blanc Cricket in Jaya was doing it. They would eventualy found ruins of some form. Maybe people thought it was an ancient fishman civilization. And I can’t see the World Government having sleeping CP agents in all islands of the world waiting for the moment someone find ruins under the sea to silence them, or else Cricket would be dead already. And what’s more important and interesting is if the Great Kingdom did have such advance technology beyond human compreehension to even people such as Vegapunk, how come nobody found it yet? If the Great Kingdom was flooeded like the rest of the world and nobody was keeping guard on it afterwards, fishman would go there take it’s technology and keeping it to themselves, probably improving them so they could take revenge in the future, right?

Sure, the Great Kingdom was probably wiped out by an Ancient Weapon and because of that nobody found advanced technology beneath the sea, but when the WG themselves are interested in obtaining such technology like the Ancient Weapons and the energy that can move them such as the Mother Flame, wouldn’t it be counter productive to destroy it all and more in their interest hide the whole Great Kingdom so they could later reverse-engineer said technology for their benefit? Especialy now that they have York on their side that could do that for them?

That’s were my theory comes from. If I want all that tech to myself and nobody else to have it, I would need to hide all of it under my strict eyewatch so that nobody could have access to it, kind of like a treasure box, right? I think the Great Kingdom is beneath the whole Red Line, and is preserved and intact to this day!

Yes, is not a new theory, I think I’ve seen already some theories about how the Great Kingdom is beneath the Red Line, specifically beneath Mary Geoise. What I did not see it yet is the possibility that the whole Red Line might hide the whole Great Kingdom, not smashed under red rock, but actually hidden by the Government in a hollow-earth like structure that we know as the Red Line for future uses like the conclusion of the Great War. I use the term “Great” for the kingdom because it is what is written in the One Piece Wikia, but it’s name as of now in Japanese is 巨大な (kyodaina), which translated directly to english gives you words like “huge”, “collosal” and “titanic”, which means it was a really really really enourmous kingdom in size. And in the One Piece world, there is nothing bigger than the Red Line, so it would be a kingdom in a ring shaped form like the Red Line itself.

But then you must be wondering: “If the Great Kingdom is beneath the whole Red Line, and is shaped like the Red Line, what was the point of seperating the ocean in two? Isn’t that what the World Government is doing now?” That’s because the purpose of the Great Kingdom was not separating the seas, but uniting all the continental landmasses into one, a Pangaea. That’s because we need to take into consideration that the water levels were 200 meters lower than now, revealing landmass that could be connected together.

I believe that the Great Kingdom artificially increased it’s landmass in a ring-shaped form to unify all continents in the world as one for the purpose to connect all people. And probably the reason the Great War started. But why the Great Kingdom wanted to connect all people? I think there existed some continents before, just like in our world exist, except with one diference, and that is that the ocean at the time was a lot worse to travel than before. Why? It’s simple: because it existed 8 freaking moons at the time controling the tides of the ocean! You know how the Moon controlls the high and low tides of the ocean because of it’s proximity to our planet, moving the sea thanks to it’s gravity pull and orbit, right? Imagine 8 moons (depicted just like in the orrery in the Ohara flashback) doing the same, making it impossible to traverse the sea. Well, except one person: Joy Boy, the first pirate.

I don’t know in what context it means to be a “pirate” to Joy Boy, but if he is anything like Luffy, is probably freedom and adventure, so maybe he was a sea explorer that reached contact with other continents that no one else done before. And depending on the circustances, maybe at some point he became the King of the Great Kingdom and was the one who had the idea of “stretching” the landmass of their country with their technology to pass the “traverse the sea” problem. But if he was anything like Luffy, if he done that without permission of the other kingdoms and because of a “whim”, that could be considered an invasion by some of those kingdoms and is what triggered the Great War. Imagine another country pulling an stunt like that to another in our world, I don’t think it would be taken lightly. Basically what I mean is that Joy Boy “invaded” other continents with the most altruistic act in his mind, which was perceived very diferently to some of the other kingdoms of the other continents, starting the war. And the exictence of the “Ancient Weapons” in control of the Great Kingdom didn’t help the cause. If that was the case, Joy Boy was a well intentioned person, but a foolish king.

Now how did the 20 Kingdoms defeat the Great Kingdom? I have no idea and no material worth theorizing except that they somehow stole one of the Ancient Weapons that is now Uranus that Imu probably used to destroy Lulusia. However, I can theorize that they somehow obtained a power, probably Imu, that manipulated most of the other moons and it what it was used to hide the Great Kingdom for future use, creating the Red Line, that’s why there is only one moon now in the One Piece world. Or maybe another form of seeing it, maybe the Great Kingdom were the ones that created the Red Line with the moons, protecting the Great Kingom because they knew they would be defeated? And why is it red? Maybe it’s because is how is colored beneath the surface of those moons. It exists red soil in our world too, after all. Or maybe an even darker reason and is red because is the blood of the inhabitants of those moons? Who knows.

Sorry for the long read thus far, I will now put some drawings trying to explain the theory above more visually:


And now for the last part, why maybe the Great Kingdom is the One Piece? Well, the roots of this theory came from what is written in the story in japanese the word “One Piece” itself: ひとつなぎの大秘宝 (ワンピース). Sometimes japanese words come with a word with two purposes: 1-it’s meaning, and 2- it’s spelling. In this case, you write and spell ワンピース, meaning Wan Pīsu, the transliteration in katakana for “One Piece”. But it’s meaning, ひとつなぎの大秘宝, meaning Hito tsunagi no dai hihō, which is part hiragana and kanji it will translate into something like “The great treasure that connects all humans” (Someone better in japanese than me can correct me if I’m wrong in something). And the most interesting part is the hiragana portion of the meaning ひとつなぎ, or “connects all humans”. Why does the great treasure “connects all humans”? Maybe it’s true that the “true” landmass of the world that is hidden in the Red Line and the ocean is the One Piece, that is certainly to one way to interpret it.

*Theory by Don_Matrix

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