The World Government Flag represents Raftel and the 4 Road Poneglyphs


I was re-watching some of the old One Piece episodes and throughout a lot of the episodes the World Government’s flag is shown quite often as it should be. Raftel was also brought up in the manga a decent amount and one of the panels was


The four locations with the X’s are the locations of the Red Road Poneglyphs that each reveal a point on the map that will eventually lead to the location of Raftel (the object in the center). I’m not sure if that has been said but the World Government’s Flag has the same symbol as the destinations of the Poneglyphs

Some might say the four spots on the flag symbolize the four seas but that leaves me to wonder what the center would be. I could be wrong of course but my prediction is that the World Government has or had a map of the locations of the Poneglyphs and might even have the missing one (which if a Yonko finds that out the marines will perish). If the World Government doesn’t have the lost Poneglyph I’m sure the Revolutionary Army might have it which would make sense because they are mysterious and nobody knows much about them so nobody would suspect them. Also, this could be a reason for why Blackbeard destroyed the Revolutionary Army’s HQ.


However, I doubt either of them have been able to read the Poneglyphs and that was one reason why the World Government would have gone after Nico Robin. The World Government also knows they can’t stand up against a Yonko (Kaido or Big Mom) because the entire navy + the 7 warlords can match only one Yonkos’ strength (including their allied crews and main crew). As for why the marines haven’t retrieved the Poneglyph at Zou is most likely due to the fact that 1. Kaido has subordinates lurking there and if they mess with them they poked the bear or beast in this case; 2. The mink tribe are known for being enslaved and aren’t fans of humans and especially not of humans that would sell them and use them for labor (World Government) so they would fight back and wouldn’t tell them where the Poneglyph is located; 3. Zou is always moving and a Log Pose can’t find it so I could see that as hard to find but I think with their resources they could probably find it.


Another interesting thing I noticed was when I was looking at some old manga chapters and that Ohara guy saying the following:

Going off of what the Ohara guy said, I believe the ancient civilization was the Family of D. and that the 20 countries that formed the World Government opposed them. The World Government probably hunted them down but some survived and live on the island at the end of the Grand Line called Raftel which the marines have yet to find. The only people who got there were Gol D. Roger and his crew which leads me to another interesting point:

The island in the back is referred to as Raftel which looks quite similar to the island where that ancient civilization lived (the side with the cliff thing). The reason Oda put fog in that panel was probably to cover up the buildings.

I also believe that the ancient civilization created the Poneglyphs (with the help of Kozuki Family) so that the will of the Family of D will be passed down to each other like Whitebeard said in this panel

until the day comes when someone (Luffy) carries all of the history of the Family of D. on their back and challenges the whole world to a fight (this is probably what the sea kings were talking about when carrying Noah back to its position under the sea).

I am still working on my theories about how the weapons were created and by whom (probably the Family of D. to protect themselves) but we need so much more information on these before making any predictions. Well, I hope you enjoyed these theories and observations. Thanks for taking the time and reading them!

*Theory by VolatileHybrid

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