The World Government is making their move


I think that Straw Hats & Co will not get any bounty increase after Whole Cake Island arc because it’s the first time that they gone against a pirate not against World Government personal ( Navy / Shichibukai ) .
And it’s not any no name pirates but they are going against A YONKO.

So I think the World Government will not give them any increase if they succeed, fail or else and will approach this situation little bit different and I will explain all cases so bear with me please.



In case they manages to defeat Big Mom Pirates the World Government will not give StrawHats increase because they get rid of Big Mom Pirates.
This will make the World Government look bad because those villain StrawHats & Co did the navy work.

What they will do is try to make it like the Crocodile’s case and they will arrive after everything is set and done to catch the rest of Big Mom Pirates & the Underworld Lords and send them to the jail.

So they will show the rest of the world they actually defeated the YONKO BIG MOM and claim all the glory. After that they will make their puppet Big News Morgans report it via his newspaper.

Q : What’s the reason for that?

1 . Save their image.
2 . Not to give props to pirates.
3 . Reign supreme in the New World.
4 . Get hold of the Yonko’s territory and benefit from their resources (wired islands, races, treasures and knowledge).
5 . Capture Underworld Lords.
6 . Capture A YONKO.


In case the Straw Hats & Co get defeated and demolished by Big Mom Pirates the World Government will turn a blind eye like when Urouge got defeated by Cracker or Capone Bege joined the Big Mom Pirates because it will not benefit them in any case.
It would make the YONKO better than World Government for destroying the StrawHats & Co . It will make World Government bad because they failed too many times in capturing the StrawHats & Co.

Q : What’s the reason for that?

1 . WG remains in good image.
2 . WG don’t want to fight a Yonko.
3 . Nothing to be accomplished here.
4 . WG already get rid of StrawHats & Co without any effort .

*Do not forget Kid Alliance vs Kaido. The World Government didn’t report that at all.


In case StrawHats & Co give the Big Mom Pirates hard time and ran away, the WG will order the CP0 to steal something that is valuable or capture/kill someone interesting so they can benefit from it. So Big Mom Pirates think it’s StrawHats & Co who did it (that will make it even worse for the SH & Co).

Q : What’s the reason for that?

1 . WG remains in good image .
2 . WG makes pirates turn on each other .
3 . Benefit with no cost.

In the end it’s a political situation.

*Theory by Sultan88

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