These 5 Fights will get the most Focus from here on until the End of the Onigashima Raid


5- Jinbe vs Who’s Who

Why? This fight has definitely has some narrative importance, and Who’s Who has been somewhat distinguished among the Tobiroppo.


But the fact that this fight started in Chapter 998 same time as Nami, Usopp and Franky and we haven’t really seen anything for the most part, really makes you question how important of a character Who’s Who is. He seems to know Jinbe but doesn’t want to reveal his face.

So that’s one thing, but again Oda has skipped so much of this fight, Who’s Who has even changed forms offscreen. Was the point of Who’s Who just for the X Drake trader plot line or is there more? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Until then this fight will likely get the 5th most focus going forward int Wano.

4- Nico Robin and Brook vs Black Maria

I think this fight has more importance than people give it credit for. Why? There are 2 reasons.


a) Nico Robin’s importance
In Onigashima Robin’s importance has been highlighted multiple times, Of course the first was in Zou.


2nd time in Wano Chapter 999 by Big Mom, 3rd time in Wano 1004 by Black Maria and a 4th time in Wano by Jinbe.

Something is going to happen with Robin and her fight will likely be the catalyst for that. Which is why I think out of all the Tobiroppo Fights this will get the most focus. And will be the 4th most important fight going forward.

b) The Character of Black Maria
Black Maria is character that has gotten quite a bit of focus in Onigashima. Her interaction with Kaido, the fact that she just like Komurasaki knows how to play the shamisen, even the way her fight was setup is very unique compared to the other Tobiroppo. She’s the only Ancient Zoan that’s not some sort of beast, and has some strange pole arm weapon with a man’s face on it that hasn’t been explained.

And then the TOP 3 Fights. Every Chapter from here on out until the end of the Raid is going to include a portion of one of these 3 Fights.

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