Toki’s suspicious behavior – She is one of the reasons for Oden’s death


Toki was born during the Void Century, and had at least some knowledge as to what transpired all those centuries ago.


Maybe through her Devil Fruit powers, she could see into Wano of 800 years later, and sees that what transpires in Wano during that time will change the world completely. So she jumps forward in time to 800 years and that’s where she meets Oden.

Now, fast forward in time, Oden is about to go into war which might kill him. Toki is indifferent about it.


Oden has been sentenced to execution. Toki is indifferent about it. Why ?


She wants it to happen. She wants Oden to die.

Don’t get me wrong. Toki is doing the right thing. Oden’s death was something which was necessary to create a world which was changed for the better. A free world. A world Luffy would create.

When Toki falls sick, the Roger Pirates drop her off in Wano and she asks Oden to not stay in Wano with her.

Why? I don’t think it was just because of his commitment to the Roger Pirates. It was because if Oden returned to Wano at that point, he would’ve fought Kaido and Orochi then and there, and in Kaido’s words, he would’ve won. Toki didn’t want Oden to win.

If Oden won and became Shogun, Kaido would’ve died, and the borders of Wano would’ve opened. What were the other effects?

Momonosuke and Oden’s retainers would’ve never met Luffy and would’ve never asked for his help, because they wouldn’t have needed it.

Remember the event Toki saw that made her want to come to Wano from 800 years ago I told you about in the beginning? That event is the end of the Wano arc that we’re reading. There’s going to be a cataclysmic event that is going to take place which will shake the very core of the One Piece World. This event is going to kick start the endgame of One Piece. Without this event happening (whatever it may be: Shanks’ death, Kaido’s death, Big Mom’s death, something on par or even greater than Marineford…) Luffy might not be able to become Pirate King. If this event took place, Luffy would be able to find Laugh Tale, become Pirate King and change the world. The catalyst for this event to take place is the war between the Straw Hats & the Alliance vs the Beasts Pirates In Wano.

In order for this event to take place Oden had to die. Toki stopped Oden from getting into a battle he could win, and allowed him to get into a battle she knows he’s going to lose. Not because she doesn’t love him. But because it was a necessity. For the greater good. Toki remains indifferent about Oden being boiled alive because she knows it’s going to happen.

It’s kinda like the Harry Potter situation: In order for Voldemort ( The Evil In The One Piece World ) to be vanquished, Harry Potter ( Oden ) must die. Toki is Dumbledore lol.

Toki always knew Luffy was the guy that will open Wano’s borders. Not Oden. But Oden was one of the keys which had to be turned in order for Wano’s locks to be opened.

Let’s say Oden won the battle. What’s next? Wano’s borders open. And then? Luffy wouldn’t have fought Kaido in Wano, that cataclysmic event wouldn’t have taken place and it wouldn’t have guided Luffy to become Pirate King.

But what if Oden dies. What’s next? Toki sends Momonosuke and the retainers into the future. They ask Luffy, the man Toki saw in her future, for help, Luffy comes to Wano, beats Kaido, that cataclysmic event happens and Wano’s borders are opened.

This event somehow guides Luffy’s path to Pirate King and then by the end of the story, the World Government falls, the world is free.

Toki weighed the two results together, and chose the greater good of the world over the love of her life.

*Theory by letsgomina

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