TOP 10 Most Anticipated Fights in Wano!


I’m really curious as to how the Wano War might unfold.


Oda is supposed to have said that Wano will make Marineford look cute in comparison, which clearly indicate it will be massive.
This is clearly the beginning of the end of One Piece.

So who’s gonna fight and what’s gonna happen on both a character level and storywise?

1-Jack the Drought & his subordinates vs Nekomamushi, Inuarashi and the Minks


I think this is going to happen, the Minks are preparing to attack on a full moon night so they can go full Sulong.
Jack is gonna get his ass kicked I hope.

2-Queen The Plague & his subordinates vs Big Mom Pirates & Smoothie / Queen vs Sanji


I saw someone post a theory on Queen having some sort of sea scorpion ancient zoan, due to the facts thatQueen’s hair looks like a scorpion tail, and when Jack was rescued by reinforcements in Zou the ships had scorpion figures on them and the ships were presumably Queen’s; there’s something about Kaido or Kaido’s forces being the strongest in air, on land and sea, since Jack is a beast on land, King is a flying guy it makes sense that Queen is affiliated with the sea.

It also makes sense that since as far as we know Cracker and Katakuri are back in Totto Land, and Big Mom’s #2 Smoothie is in Wano with maybe “a third” of Big Mom’s forces on her big ship it seems fitting that she will fight with kaido’s #2 Queen along with whatever forces Queen is in charge of. I think that this might very well happen. Roughly one third of Big Mom’s forces against roughly one third of Kaido’s forces. To me this fight makes sense.
We might see Queen defeat the Big Mom Pirates but is weakened from the fighting after which Sanji comes along and kicks Queen’s ass.

3-King the Wildfire & his subordinates vs Marco & Whitebeard Pirates remnants / King vs Zoro

This one is tricky. 
We know that the Whitebeard Pirates were decimated by Blackbeard after Marineford, and since both Marco and King are the number one guys of the respective Yonkos as well as flyers, it makes sense on some level that they might clash, since we know that Marco was enlisted by the big Zou catguy.
Similarly to the fight above we might see King defeat Whitebeard remnants but is similarly weakened from the fighting after which Zoro comes along and kicks his ass.

4-Shogun Orochi’s 11 Ninja vs Oden’s retainers known as the “Nine Red Scabbards”

Only Kinemon and Raizo are confirmed to be part of the 9 scabbards.
Ashoura Douji/Shutenmaru, Kawamatsu and Denjiro all seem like sureshot candidates to be among the 9 scabbards eventually.
Kanjuro, Zoro and Luffy also seem to be fairly safe bets to be counted among the 9 scabbards.
This leaves 1 slot left to duke it out – Kyoshiro or Kiku maybe.

5-Orochi’s Army vs Straw Hat Grand Fleet and Oden’s Retainers

Kinemon said they would need around 5000 people to fight against the Shogun, and seeing that almost everyone in Wano is weak from starvation, I don’t see how they are gonna be able to fight, and since the Straw Hat Grand Fleet has 5640 members at least, it seems likely that this is gonna happen.

6-Big Mom vs Queen the Plague

Chopper convinced Big Mom to go to the Udon prison to find more food. Here she could fight against Queen.

7-Ashura Douji/Shutenmaru VS Zoro

I think this should happen since someone strong needs to win Shutenmaru over to the ninja-pirate-mink-samurai alliance’s side so that he can support Momonosuke, this makes sense for so many reasons, it has to be Zoro. 

8-Shogun Orochi vs Zoro

This also makes sense as Kaido is the #1 man in Wano and the Shogun is #2.
Also according to japanese myth the 8 headed snake Orochi was killed by Susanoo who broke his sword upon kiling the snake and discovered a powerful sword inside Orochi’s tail.
This just has to happen, a new sword for Zoro, common.

9-Kaido vs Luffy, Kid, Law + the other Supernovas present in Wano

Sanji is probably also gonna get in on the action, with most of the Supernovas verified to be either in wano or near wano. This would not only be a cool matchup but also makes sense from a story and plot perspective, it’s thus not just luffy who takes out the Yonko Kaido but the Worst Generation together that does it. The only Supernovas I don’t see coming to Wano are Capone Bege and Jewelry Bonney.

10-Big Mom vs Kaido

It’s been a few chapters since we found out Big Mom lost her memories, and as of now it seems that she indeed has amnesia.
I think that at a certain point Big Mom will break her fast and then she will get her normal memory back or remember what she did to Mother Caramel. Then, she’ll go on a rampage and go to Kaido’s place for food!

*by Luzoji


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