Kalifa is a former member of CP9.
Kalifa has a high degree of superhuman strength. She employs a kick-based fighting style when not using Rokushiki or Awa Awa no Mi techniques. She possesses formidable leg strength. She could produced a cutting shockwave powerful enough to cut stone walls while using Rankyaku. She could even match Sanji’s kicking power, and her attack speed is fast enough to leave residual images after striking.


Dellinger is a combatant and an officer of the Donquixote Pirates’ Diamante Army.
As a human-fishman hybrid, Dellinger was born physically stronger than the average human, going by his ability to lift cannonballs at two years of age without problems and he has extreme superhuman leg strength as the force of his kicks can easily move a ten-ton Machvise and also seriously injure physically powerful fighters such as Blue Gilly.



Mr. 2 Bon Kurei is currently the new queen of Newkama Land.
Bon Kurei is a very powerful martial artist and a master of a unique, dance-based martial arts style known as Okama Kenpo, which combines forceful and acrobatic kicks and sometimes punches with ballet dancing. His hard training in this fighting style made Bentham powerful enough to kick Mr. 1 and to be a match for Sanji’s Black Leg Style. With Okama Kenpo, Bentham can use a wide array of powerful kicks for offense.



Don Sai is a member of the Chinjao Family and the 13th leader of the Happo Navy, as well as the commander of the 3rd division of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.
Sai is undoubtfully a powerful fighter. He was able to defeat the Funk Brothers, who are capable of defeating pirates with bounties of over 100 million, with a single kick. He was later able to defeat Lao G, a Donquixote executive who defeated his grandfather easily with a single Haki-embedded kick that shattered the ground around them. Even Chinjao, an ex-pirate with a bounty of over 500 million, acknowledged that Sai had managed to surpass him in strength.
Due to his dedicated training in Hasshoken, Sai attained tremendous physical prowess as well as immense skill in the unique martial art which generates vibrations in physical strikes, and Sai personally had an emphasis in using vibration enhanced kicks.


Zeff is the head chef and owner of Baratie, former captain of the Cook Pirates, and Sanji’s mentor and adoptive father.
Zeff possess incredible superhuman leg strength. He could easily break through rock and leave footprints on hard iron and overpower all his enemies effortlessly.
Zeff invented the Black Leg Style kick based martial arts. In his prime, Zeff was reowned as a master of extremely powerful kicks. Because of the immense power of his lethal kicks, his shoes were left covered in the blood of his enemies, leading to his nickname of “Red-Leg.” Even with a peg leg, Zeff’s kicks can still kill a man and overpower physically strong combatants such as Fullbody, Sanji, and even Luffy.


Vergo was one of the four elite officers and the first to occupy the Heart seat of the Donquixote Pirates under the codename Corazon.
Vergo possesses immense physical strength, as he could fracture a bone in Sanji’s leg with one kick.
Vergo was capable of imbuing his entire body with Busoshoku Haki. This form grants him powerful blows that gave both Rosinante and Law a very severe and traumatizing beating.


Under Zeff’s strict tulage Sanji became a extremely powerful master of a kick based martial art named the “Black Leg Style” which is a unique combination of Brazilian Capoeira, French Savate and Korean Taekwondo, able to use powerful kicks with supreme versatility.
In the Enies Lobby Arc, Sanji reveals a new ability – Diable Jambe, the power to heat his lower legs to a temperature so high that they glow bright red, by spinning rapidly in place, which causes his attack to be more powerful. The heat of his attacks is so high that contact for even a second could set a person ablaze. Diable Jambe has improved to the point that his entire leg is now enveloped in large flames.
Sanji can harden his legs with Busoshoku Haki. He didn’t actively display this ability until his fight with his father, when (much to Judge’s surprise) he hardened his right leg in order to block one of his father’s spear attacks. Sanji’s usage of Busoshoku: Koka to harden his leg can be seen as somewhat fitting as it goes along well with his epithet, “Black Leg”.


“Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock is the captain of the Kuja Pirates and the only female member of the Shichibukai.
Noted as the the strongest warrior of the infamous Kuja Tribe, Hancock has immense physical strength. She could perform extraordinarily powerful kicks of super-human strength that can easily break stone (in the form of petrified opponents) as well as take down numerous powerful Marine officers and New World pirates with incredible ease, and she could knock away Smoker an extremely strong and powerful Marine with a single Haki enhanced kick. Her strength is supplemented with tremendous speed and agility, able to land an extremely fast barrage of powerful kicks on numerous Marines and New World pirates at once.


Marco the Phoenix is the former 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates.
Marco is a very strong individual, as he demonstrated in the war that he was on a similar level of fighting as the three admirals. Marco possesses impressive physical strength. With his physical power supplemented by his Devil Fruit, he was fully capable of fighting Admirals Kizaru, Aokiji, and Akainu while holding his own.
Marco’s fighting style seems to be primarily based on using kicking techniques, as he kicked both Kizaru and Aokiji away at great distances. He usually switches back to his human form to deliver his kicks, but can also enhance them with the cutting power granted by his hybrid form’s talons, as seen when he attacked Akainu after the latter delivered the fatal blow to Ace.


As a Marine admiral, Kizaru is one of the strongest fighters within the World Government and Marines.
He possesses immense physical strength, capable of holding down Whitebeard’s massive bisento with just one foot.
Kizaru is extremely proficient in kicking, which is enhanced by his Logia powers, allowing him to kick foes such as Hawkins and Luffy with devastating power. He could send Urouge crashing through buildings with a single light enhanced kick.
He is capable of moving and attacking at the speed of light, and all of his attacks are based on the element of light, such as firing energy blasts from his fingertips or feet with extreme accuracy and precision. His power is very destructive, causing huge explosions and can easily destroy buildings. He also has the ability to reflect himself, essentially moving from one location to the next at the speed of light. Due to this fruit’s power, Kizaru is possibly the fastest man in the world.

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