Top 15 Impel Down Prisoners In One Piece




Inazuma is a Revolutionary and an okama who serves under Emporio Ivankov. For his membership, he was incarcerated into Level 5 of Impel Down but Ivankov freed him and led him to Level 5.5, “Newkama Land”. Because of Ivankov’s gender changing powers, Inazuma has appeared both as a man and as a woman.


Daz Bones is a former bounty hunter who joined Baroque Works and was the highest ranked male Officer Agent and the strongest under Crocodile himself. After the events of the Alabasta Arc he was captured and sent to Impel Down. He escaped during the Impel Down Arc and is now traveling together with Crocodile in the New World.



Galdino, alias Mr. 3, is a former officer agent of Baroque Works, alongside his partner Miss Goldenweek.
After being sent to Impel Down, he escaped with the assistance of Buggy and Monkey D. Luffy. Galdino helped Luffy hold off Magellan and helped Buggy free the prisoners, as well as in Marineford, protecting and freeing Ace.
When the war ended, he became a member of the Buggy and Alvida Alliance. After Buggy became a Shichibukai, the alliance evolved into the Underworld Organization known as Buggy’s Delivery, which he is currently a part of.

12 – BUGGY


Buggy is the captain of the Buggy Pirates and a former apprentice of the Roger Pirates.
He was caught by the Government and sent to Impel Down due to a careless mistake. As a result, the rest of the crew was forced by Alvida to leave him alone, and departed. However, after a series of events within the great prison, Buggy escaped and recruited many criminals, all of whom are, in truth, more powerful than he is.
Buggy was thereby invited to join the Royal Shichibukai via a letter that he received. Upon doing so, his status as a wanted criminal is retracted, and he is now an ally of the Government.


Avalo Pizarro, also known as the “Corrupt King”, was one of the criminals who was given a life sentence in Level 6 of Impel Down, as his crimes were so atrocious he had to effectively be erased from history. He has since been freed by Marshall D. Teach and has become a member of the Blackbeard Pirates.


Catarina Devon, known as the “Crescent Moon Hunter”, was the most dangerous female pirate ever to be imprisoned in Impel Down within the entire age of pirates. She was freed by Marshall D. Teach and is currently the only known female member of his crew.


Vasco Shot, known as the “Heavy Drinker”, was one of the legendary criminals who was given a life sentence in Level 6 of Impel Down. He was freed by Marshall D. Teach and is currently a member of his crew.


Sanjuan Wolf is an enormous giant, known as “Colossal Battleship” for his size, and was originally one of the legendary criminals who was given a life sentence in Level 6 of Impel Down. He was eventually freed from prison by Marshall D. Teach, and since then has become a member of the Blackbeard Pirates.


Sir Crocodile is the former president of the mysterious crime syndicate Baroque Works. He was originally introduced as a Shichibukai but was later stripped of his title after attempting to take control of the desert kingdom Alabasta. Thanks to Luffy, he managed to escape from Impel Down and went to Marineford to participate in the war; after that, he and his subordinate Daz Bones decided to head out to the New World.


Jinbe was the second captain of the Sun Pirates after Fisher Tiger, and a former Shichibukai, who attained the position eleven years ago. Sometime after Ace’s capture, Jinbe was also imprisoned in Impel Down, due to being the only member of the Shichibukai who refused the summons of the World Government to stand against the Whitebeard Pirates. Currently, Jinbe is is officially the tenth member of the Straw Hat crew and the ninth to join Luffy’s crew.


Ace was the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and one-time captain of the Spade Pirates. He was the adopted older brother of Luffy and Sabo, and son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger and his lover, Portgas D. Rouge.
Hunted by the World Government for his lineage, Ace was captured and sentenced to death, which resulted in the Battle of Marineford in an all out clash of powers. Ace was freed, but he sacrificed his life to protect his younger brother Luffy from Akainu.


Shiliew of the Rain was the Head Jailer of Impel Down until he was imprisoned for his excessive violence towards the prisoners. Due to the riot caused by Monkey D. Luffy and the arrival of Marshall D. Teach, he was temporarily released to help quell the riot. However, instead of dealing with the pirates, Shiliew assisted Teach and ultimately decided to join his crew. He is currently the Captain of the Second Ship of the Blackbeard Pirates.


Emporio Ivankov is the “Queen” of the Kamabakka Kingdom, known as “Okama King” and a “Miracle Person”, and is one of the commanders of the Revolutionary Army.
He was formerly a prisoner of Impel Down kept in Level 5, living in a secret “Okama Paradise” in level 5.5, but has since returned to his post as Queen of Kamabakka Kingdom.


Bentham, alias Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, is a former officer agent of Baroque Works and an okama. While he was once an enemy of Luffy’s as a part of the Baroque Works, the two became quick friends, leading Bon Kurei to sacrifice himself for Luffy both at Alabasta and later at Impel Down. He is currently the new queen of Newkama Land.


Shiki the Golden Lion, also known as the “Flying Pirate”, is the admiral of the Golden Lion Pirates. During the Roger Era, he was one of the most powerful figures of the time, being on par with Sengoku, Garp, Whitebeard, and Roger. Shiki is the first prisoner ever to escape from Impel Down.

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