TOP 40 Unsolved Mysteries of Wano


1-Is Wano really the country that Oars, the Continent-Puller, has combined with his own hands? More details about the country’s past.


2-Who was on the boat that left Wano 20 years ago and went to East Blue?

3-Who is the boy who steals from the rich. The Witching Hour Boy?

4-What message did Marco give Nekomamushi to speak to Luffy in Wano? When Nekomamushi appear on Wano?


5-Oden’s past + Toki’s powers and what year did she really came from.


6-What Orochi wants with Vegapunk and the consequences of his actions against CP0.

7-Why does Hitetsu have wings?

8-Where is Shodai Kitetsu? Will we see Kitetsu in flashback?

9-Who is Denjiro?

10-What is Kyoshiro’s intention? Is he really Denjiro?

11-What will Caribou do? Did he talk about Shirahoshi to Kaido?

12-What happened to Big Mom’s sons in Wano?

13-What are Apoo’s intentions when joining Kaido’s pack?

14-Who let Law escape from prison?

15-Will Kid appear with his crew again? What did he steal from Big Mom earlier to make her mad?

16-What is the reason for Drake to ally with Kaido?

17-Who will be the 9 samurais of prophecy? Is it really the Nine Red Scabbards or is there something else?

18-What’s in Poneglyph at Orochi Castle?

19-Who are the other four Kaido’s Flying Six?

20-What’s the deal with the name of the village of Zoro, the last name of Ryuma, Ushimaru, Kozaburo and Yasuie all be Shimotsuki?

21-Can O-Tama tame with her dango Zoan users?

22-Who are the Numbers?

23-What will the alliance of Kaido and Big Mom be like?

24-Who’s gonna save the prisoners in Rasetsu Town?

25-What Zoro did visiting Ryuma’s grave?

26-Will Luffy break the defense of Kaido with his Ryuo?

27-Where is it and what is Hyori doing?

28-Who will use Ame no Habakiri?

29-How will Zoro turn Enma into a Kokuto?

30-Kozaburo Shimotsuki founded Shimotsuki Village in East Blue?

31-What is Law up to?

32-Will Franky’s wish that 100,000 men use their ships to Onigashima be fulfilled?

33-What is Wano’s relationship with the Great Kingdom?

34-Why does Wano have to keep borders closed?

35-Why does Oden mention that he will wait exactly 20 years in the future?

36-Why will Kyoshiro stay in the capital during the festivities?

37-How did Orochi’s army number go from 30,000 to 40,000?

38-Where is the Onigashima invasion army that was supposed to meet at Tokage Harbor?

39-What incident occurred the night before? How will Red Scabbards arrive in Onigashima?

40-Is there a traitor within the group? Who?

*List by SamuraiMorcego

Shiryu descends from the Shimotsuki Clan

Eustass Kid is the Son of a Former Member of the Rocks Pirates