Top 10 Most Emotional Deaths in One Piece




Queen Otohime was a goldfish mermaid, the queen of the Ryugu Kingdom, the wife of King Neptune and the mother of Shirahoshi.
Eight years before the start of the series, she was assassinated by Hody Jones. All she wanted was to coexist with humans but racial hatred saw to her death.
Otohime continued to have an immense influence over Ryugu Kingdom and her family even after her death. Shirahoshi and later Fukaboshi as well as the citizens of Fishman Island uphold her beliefs to not bear hatred and being forgiving towards others, even putting aside their history of discrimination by humans as the Neptune Family finally gathered enough signatures to attend the Reverie.


Shimotsuki Yasuie was a taikomochi who lived in Ebisu Town near the capital of Wano Country. He was the father of Toko.
Back when the Kozuki Family ruled over Wano Country, Yasuie served as the daimyo of Hakumai. Twenty years after Kurozumi Orochi’s takeover of Wano, Yasuie sacrificed himself in an effort to mislead the shogun’s forces and enable Kozuki Momonosuke’s Revolution to continue.
With his last breath, he declared to die not as a daimyo of the Kozuki Family but as a fun-loving jester of Ebisu Town.



Bell-mère was Nami and Nojiko’s adoptive mother, seen in a flashback during the Arlong Park Arc.
That same day Arlong invaded the island and found her home, Bell-mère tried to fend them off but was quickly subdued. When asked for the fee needed to stay alive, it turned out all the money Bell-mère had would either save herself or her two daughters. Things likely would have been okay if she had followed Genzo’s advice and paid for herself, as Arlong was unaware of their existence.
However, Bell-mère declared the money was for her daughters, as she would rather die than not call herself a mother. To that end, Arlong shot her right in front of the eyes of her two adopted daughters, but not before Bell-mère apologized to Nami for not being richer, and not being able to buy the girls whatever they wanted, but the two insisted that it was not the case and urged her to stay alive. Before she died, she told the girls, “I love you.”



Nico Olvia was Nico Robin’s mother and an archaeologist 22 years ago.
She was well aware of the World Government’s hostility against Ohara, and was conscious of the fact that searching for the Poneglyphs would be dangerous. Despite that, she set sail, wanting to let the world know the true history and the events that occurred during the Void Century, and endured the imprisonment without confessing, proving herself as a brave and determined woman.
She was also very attached to her daughter, Robin, and the decision to leave hurt her very much. However, she did not lose hope and was willing to remain behind during the fire in the Tree of Knowledge in order to save the books, while sending Robin away with Saul, in order to give her daughter a chance to live to the fullest and to discover the true history and hand it down to others.


Jaguar D. Saul was a giant and a former Vice Admiral who first appeared as a castaway on the island of Ohara. He was introduced in Nico Robin’s flashback during the Enies Lobby Arc, and by then he had already defected from the Marines.
He was one of the three people who influenced Nico Robin. Saul was the first person to have befriended Robin (besides Ohara’s archaeologists) after she found him washed up on Ohara’s shore. One day, he taught and encouraged Robin to laugh whenever she was sad, even if it hurt. Seconds before his death, Saul told Robin that she would find friends that will protect her and live with her someday. As Robin left the island, she mourns for his death, along with the destruction of her home and the death of her mother.

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