Trafalgar Law saved Straw Hats & The Alliance


Orochi seemingly orchestrated an incident on the night before the Fire Festival at Port Tokage, which caused the allies of the Nine Red Scabbards not to appear at the promised port.


The incident was basically Orochi and his subordinates ambushing the Straw Hats and their Alliance when they came up with the meaning of the tattoo from the traitor… But what Orochi didn’t know was that Law heard everything hence this panel.

Law was the one who initiated the plan to take down Kaido, therefore, he’s been easily the most invested in terms of meticulously planning and doing whatever was necessary to make sure the plan went as intended. We have to remember that Law is very cerebral, he’s a thinker, he’s very pragmatic.


Just to enumerate his actions thus far:

1-Luffy got involved in Okobore Town and Law tried to intervene. Furthermore, on seeing Hawkins, he tried to silence anyone who would otherwise recognise them.


2-After the Okobore incident, Law makes it clear that the reason the most important thing (Cover) was blown is because of Luffy.

3-Kaido appears, Luffy runs out given that he’s very easily provoked. Law however remains collected and reminds Kinemon that all that has happened is Luffy and himself were spotted, and despite that, the plan is still intact.

4-Law has already understood 1 problem; this is something he’s come to understand from journeying with Luffy from Dressrosa to Zou and finally, till Wano. He understands that Luffy ALWAYS acts out of emotion and has also determined from this point onward to formulate a plan.

5-Follow the incident of Luffy’s defeat, Law has to deal with another problem. Bepo and some of the Heart Pirates have been captured and are being held responsible for the leak.

So, what does Law do? What’s his Solution to ALL these problems?

Not to tell Luffy he’s been captured, why? BECAUSE KNOWING LUFFY, HE’D JEOPARDISE THE ENTIRE PLANS TO SAVE LAW AS HE’S EMOTIONALLY PREDISPOSED TO DOING. He’d blow the cover of the Sheathes, he’d ruin the entire plan.

Bare in mind, there is about 8 days left to the battle at this point. Note that Law has not communicated with the alliance since he escaped even if he could, why?

-Not communicating means no information can be leaked.
-Probably because he understands that there’s a leak, and the only way to subvert expectations is to make changes to the plan at the very last minute.

Another detail to add is this:

1-Law knows that the Kid Pirates are in Wano.

2-Law also knows that X Drake isn’t totally allied with Kaido now.

3-Law also potentially has Hawkins as an ally now.

4-Hawkins probably knows that Apoo is back in Wano, Kid knowing this means he has more reason to partake in this fight as does Hawkins.

These are things to take into consideration regarding the most recent chapter.

On to to analysis, one thing I’d like to add is that snail transponders do not work if the boss snail is tampered with. Quite possible the transponders have been tampered with at Udon to avoid any leaks. Does it have any relevance? Can’t say for sure.

It could also be to cut any communication between the Flower Capital & Onigashima to not alert Orochi or Kaido about any developments.

The one thing we can assume to put it simply is the incident that took place was Orochi destroyed Port Tokage for the most part to prevent its use.

The fact that:

3-Straw Hats
5-And 4,000 Samurai

…can’t be found is likely because of a last minute change occurred. Law probably is the reason for this.

*Theory by HPsyche

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