True Power Of The Minks: The Sulong Form


All minks have formidable physical abilities, far superior to normal humans. Some are highly agile and can leap incredible distances while others are incredibly burly and strong.


All minks are powerful warriors from birth who retained their strength in old age. Through unknown means, they can produce electric shocks known as Electro from their bodies.


During a full moon, a mink will transform into their Sulong form. In order to achieve this form, a mink must have done proper training, and look directly at the full moon. Along with their altered appearances, their strength and speed increase incredibly.

This form unleashes their primal animal instincts. It is thought to be something only the minks of Zou train in and is considered to be the “true form” of the Mink Tribe.
Without proper training to suppress their feral urges, minks will lose their minds and rampage indiscriminately.

Pekoms infact has difficulty controlling his Sulong form, with only the words of Pedro being able to break him out of his mindless ferocious state.

Also, using this form for too long can cause severe exhaustion or even death.
This form is strong enough, that when a single mink transformed, it caused panic among the members of the Big Mom Pirates.

So if Carrot was able to gain this strength by transforming, how powerful Inuarashi and Nekomamushi will get once they transform under a full moon?

If they were fighting for days with one of Kaido’s three right-hand men, a guy with 1,000,000,000 Berries Bounty on a full moon they might be near like Admiral/Yonko level! 😮

Carrot in her “Sulong” form looks really majestic and badass. Will we see other minks transform as well? Let’s take a look at these badass concepts made by the artist Re D. Cal:

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