Unexpected Parallels between Nami and Marco!


1. Both Nami and Marco were raised by a person who wasn’t their biological parent. “Even if it’s just a word he calls us his sons- I still want to be called as their mother”


2. Both want(ed) to protect an island that can’t pay tribut/ Originally Whitebeard protected the island and send all of his money to the island. (Nami collect money to ransom Cocoyashi village).

3. Both of them can be associated with fruits (tangerin-pineapple)


4. Original Whitebeard symbol and Nami’s tatoo are their each counterpart.


5. If you turn Whitebeard=WB around you get BM=Bell-Mere (Father-Mother)

6. As Oda predicted Ace’s death with chapter color cover page 520 , And he predicted that Zoro will get Enma with chapter color cover page 937. In there Zoro see a map and there is the kanji of Enma.

But what about Nami? Marco “the phoenix”- fenghuang(chinese phoenix) called the “King of Birds” . A parrot with crown! There is a pirate myth; that some parrots remembered the details of treasure’s location from their defunct captain! Marco know the real treasure of Whitebeard=the island of Sphinx, and know about how other people think that there is instead hidden a big treasure from Whitebeard.

7. In Chapter 995 both Nami and Marco were grabbed by a female enemy and were saved by animals.

*by mimike500

Whitebeard’s Disease strongly hinted at in the Flashbacks!

Oda foreshadows Vivi and Sabo coming in Wano!