Unexpected Traitor among the Nine Red Scabbards?


I think Chapter 962 further strengthen the idea that Traitor is either Inuarashi or Nekomamushi because we all expected that Traitor Sub-Plot would be hinted at in this Flashback and now we’ve seen how all Scabbards joined Oden and Oda showed that in few Panels.


But Chapter ending with Inuarashi/Nekomamushi arriving at Wano shows how they have their own Sub-Plot.

Oda could have made us truly exclude Nekomamushi/Inuarashi from the list of Suspects in Zou Arc and made us suspect others like Kanjuro & Kiku.


But in truth, it’s one of the Minks who is doing this and there are many hints really.

The fact that Oda still didn’t answer us about the true reason Nekomamushi/Inuarashi fought each other and what they were doing when Castle was burning is a Huge Hint, also Oda didn’t answer us about how Guardians are so stealthy that even Luffy with his Observation Haki couldn’t detect them.
Another Simple Hint is the fact that Nekomamushi & Inuarashi are Rivals (Cat & Dog) so it makes sense if they fight each other. And they aren’t just Rivals, they are both Rulers of Zou, so it’s not far-fetched to say that only one needs to rule at the end.


Also, let’s not forget that Oda decided that Nekomamushi’s arrival will be delayed(2 weeks passed and War is gonna start & Nekomamushi nowhere to be seen). Which begs the question, why? Even Marco isn’t sure to come, and actually declined, so Oda could have just made Nekomamushi return already.
I think the possible reason Oda chose to make Nekomamushi arrive late, is so that he doesn’t hear about this Traitor Thing because apparently he knows things about Inuarashi that others don’t, so he might suspect him or vice versa

More hints rely in the information that Orochi got, there are two things that were leaked recently, Location of Sunny & Moon Tattoo.
Both these things are Info that didn’t recently change, in other words, Oden’s Allies had Moon Tattoo for a long time & Sunny was in that location since Luffy arrived, and yet Orochi got the info late, which means Traitor only heard recently.

Moon Tattoo was revealed to those who traveled in Time, but Orochi didn’t do anything about it, until Luffy & others arrived.
So I doubt it’s one of the ones who traveled, Denjiro isn’t shown yet, Kawamatsu was in prison whole time & Asura most probably knew about this Tattoo before anyone else and he didn’t rat about it.
So this only leaves us with Inurashi?? Right, or possibly Nekomamushi arrived and is hiding but that’s far-fetched.

Same thing for Sunny’s Location, Oda made sure to create a Flashback that includes Usopp revealing Sunny’s Location to Minks, I mean like seriously, it’s obvious that scene was necessary unless Oda wanted to show us when Traitor heard the info and in that Panel, Oda insisted that it’s the Minks who are listening

Not to mention that in Zou Arc, Sicilian really wanted to go with Luffy to Whole Cake Island & Pedro didn’t let him & told Nekomamushi to give the order.
I mean that scene didn’t show us Luffy & Co. picking Pedro to go with them because many volunteered, but it actually showed us that Sicillian can’t go, why would Oda do that?
And remember that portraying someone outside of Wano as Traitor is completely acceptable and better than suspecting someone from Wano.

I honestly don’t see how is Oda gonna use this Sub-Plot, and if he can explain why one of Minks Rulers is Traitor and what he is doing it for.
But we can’t deny the many hints out there, and c’mon let’s be honest, even though I was among the very first who suspected Kanjuro, i doubt someone like him or Kiku or Shinobu are Traitors

This Sub-Plot have being present for ages now, so the revelation should be great and Traitor should be a Character that is really focused on.
Kanjuro haven’t done anything, isn’t an intimidating character, not that strong compared to Top Scabbards & you saw how Oda didn’t focus on him much in Flashback or anywhere in Story really, same for Kiku & Shinobu

As for the possible reason why Nekomamushi or Inuarashi would be a Traitor, it’s simple.
Oda made sure that Nekomamushi & Inuarashi are among retainers who joined Oden in his Travel (Along with Izo & possibly Denjiro explaining his absence) and if we remember Rayleigh’s words from Sabaody, he said that not everyone would have same conclusion & opinion about what they find in the end (One Piece & Poneglyphs Story … etc)
So what if Inuarashi & Nekomamushi actually have some knowledge they aren’t sharing, what if this kind of idea conflict is what made them opposites?
Possibilities are endless really.

*Theory by Salah Eddine

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