Usopp and Nami’s Roles in Elbaf!


I always wanted to make an Usopp and Nami theory, both are characters that similar as Sanji and Zoro are the old hands of the Straw Hats and same as Zoro and Sanji, both Nami and Usopp will have heavy story focus in the future.


Usopp has shown significance in Nami’s growth and Nami in parallel has always been a great assist and back-up for Usopp.
Usopp recently made Nami a new Clima-Tact, which is just showing how Usopp cares for Nami.

With this I think both show relevance for the upcomming Elbaf-arc/saga and thus we can hope for another 100 chapter highlighting their growth.


There is no doubt that in order to grow, Usopp will most likely be featured with giant-tribe of Elbaf…. there is a lot of foreshadow stuff about it, don’t make me list them all here 😛


But why Nami is linked to Elbaf is opened up to be a mystery, the most common take on this is her “mythological powers” or even “godly weather knowledge”. Nami is represented to be a weather studying person all through out her life, that is why in Weatharia she also kept on studying…with Inventors that are also supposed to study throughout their life.
So Nami is perfectly made to just acompanish Usopp and vice-versa on this journey.

So I talked about this “godly”-thing right?

Godly Envisioning


So rightaway, I am talking about heavy foresight abilities, like visions into the future. Hence Madame Shirley. I believe this to be an ancient power, hence it has a higher chance to respawn in tribes that exist over millenias, the humans are corrupted in all means, but I also think that this ability respawns within humans too, so relax at that point.

So how does this ability work? A vision is a picture of something (mostly referencing something in the future) that is created in your head by your mind.
Jesus (Joyboy) was a visionary for example, Gol D. Roger was a visionary, Einstein (Vegapunk) was a visionary.

Observation Haki? No, this is a naturally given power and even nowadays mankind in the real world particulary believes in the visionary schemes. Nowadays…every individual can envision something and make it become true…because that is why you need this envisioning.

Usopp lies comming true?

We know Usopp’s dream by now and we know about the envisioning. So can you now still say that Usopp lied to Kaya for example? No, there is counterproof!

Usopp is a visionary, a dreamer but nothing that he is really aware of. Ok? So everything that he might have “lied” was something he “dreamed” about, and dreams can also be counted as “envisioning”, just let them come true.
Then Luffy came blablabla and now Usopp has the ability to achieve his dreams and goals, hence for example the Goldfish-lie came true.
Usopp is growing on a spiritual “godly” level that allows him to make his dreams come true!

And so Oda bounded this into his image, being a “god”. And this was when Usopp finally unlocked and/or presented his real Observation Haki ability. It was not before, not something established. It came while Usopp follows his dreams and simply rises in a spiritual level, allowing him to further accomplish his dreams. This is the sole purpose of Madame Shirley…to highlight the importance of the future and a characters growth. And yes…destroying Fishman Island will have to do something with Luffy’s personal growth, now hold up guys and gals, not more stuff about Luffy from now on!

So what has Nami to do with all of this?
Nami also is special and I believe she is capable of the same envisioning powers as Usopp, atleast on the same level of relevance in this case.

Chapter 130 is basically setting this into stone, the great Nami-sickness chapter:

Even tho she is sick and almost knocked out she is keeping up her job as navigator for the sake of Vivi and also Vivi shows an envisioning determination throughout the chapter, because of the news of Alabasta within the WEJ.
Nami sees herself as ready…

Her head hurts but she still has a clear view, somehow a focus or a sense for the weather.

Using the word probably, she is not sure of what’s ahead, but she is makng a picture in her mind taking a good overview of the situation as this is the maximum capabilities of navigation Nami is presenting us here and this within a rookie state.

Following that Nami continues to gather source and we can beautifully see on how Vivi and Nami both are conflicted with events comming up in the future. But more to that…

After Vivi made her request, Nami about to faint…

Nami’s intuitions were right…

THIS VERY PAGE GUYS! Because of Nami’s previous commands and action she were able to give a command to avoid a cyclone!

Even Vivi is mentioning that this is uncommon and despite Nami’s mysterious origins and her orange fiery hair we can just conclude that she inherited this phenomenal weather envisioning abilities. Tho her natural beauty and other factors Nami can just be called “godly” and, a witch, a priestess or whatever.

She and Usopp are different than Zoro or Sanji who just brawl and move forward to chase a simple goal. Yeah even Sanji is straightly going after a goal but he is also evolving. Nami and Usopp are evolving differently, meanwhile they live their best life as they could, envisioning and progressing their dreams and abilities gradually, that’s why Nami is even open to have a pet (slave) named Zeus which is a beautiful reflection on the plot of the Fishmen/Arlong/Fisher Tiger/Koala which is flowing nicely into Nami’s narrative.

And hence this all leads us to Elbaf – backwards “Fable” a mythical land of dreams and wonders, that’s what we should believe…

Elbaf is highly highlighted to be focussing around Norse Mythology, astrology and eventually religion. This will really be needed in order to bring the Straw Hats forward and make them fit, yes Usopp fits for one reason and Nami for others: she has huge affilations to Elbaf, besides fulfilling her envisioning godly weather witch theme.

The future of Nami and Usopp, Elbaf+
So I believe that in the End of the Series both character will grow out to their full potential especially after the Elbaf arc. So after Usopp weilded Thors Hammer and him and Nami took a great part into rescuing Elbaf from whatever threat, both ones will settle on a new journey, one Oda pretty geniously foreshadowed.

Yes guys, Usopp and Nami will both fulfill their dreams, and Elbaf is the perfect turnpoint for the story! Usopp is not a liar he has envisioning powers, similar to Shirley and also Nami.
It is linked to some “godly”-powers and this theme is perfectly designed to be fulfilled in Elbaf!

*Theory by Rej

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