Usopp will eat Kuma’s Paw-Paw Devil Fruit 


Usopp will eat Kuma’s Paw-Paw Devil Fruit 

Before we start, let’s see where everyone currently is right now (Chapter 1111). This is where everyone currently is:

  • Nami and Usopp’s group are with the ship and their group are going to move down to where the Elbaf Giants Ship is.
  • Bonney’s group is currently with Kuma and headed to the Elbaf Giants Ship.
  • Sanji is following behind Bonney’s group.
  • And Luffy, Dorry and Broggy are fighting the Gorosei.


  • What I believe will happen, is that at some point in time, Kuma will have his last moments with Bonney. Kuma will die on the Elbaf Ship.
  • By the time this happens, Usopp and Nami’s group will already be with the Elbaf group, with both of their ships together.
  • Why I bring up Usopp and Nami’s group is because of Nami’s tangerine Garden on the Thousand Sunny.
  • The moment Kuma dies, the Straw Hats and the Giants will witness for the first time the process of a Devil Fruit user dying and reincarnating back into a Devil Fruit all in real time.
  • Kuma will die and his devil fruit will take the form of a Tangerine several meters away from him on this Strawhat Ship in Nami’s Tangerine Garden.
  • The Straw Hats now have the Nikyu Nikyu No Mi.

The Straw Hats having the Nikyu Nikyu no mi makes complete sense as it fits with the Straw Hats Devil Fruits and Numbers.
For people who may not be aware, currently the Straw Hat Devil Fruits follow a kind of pattern using goroawase, or Japanese number- wordplay: Go-mu = 5, 6; Hi-to = 1, 10; Ha-na = 8, 7; Yo-mi = 4, 3. Some fans believe that another crew member will have a Devil Fruit that covers 2 and 9 as the missing numbers.

Due to the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi fitting in the Straw Hats devil fruit pattern, it is highly likely that a Straw Hat will eat Kuma’s devil fruit.
The question is who is eating it. Who I believe wholeheartedly will end up eating Kuma’s Devil Fruit is none other than Usopp. Bro needs a power-up. Other than that, the next candidate is Vivi, however Vivi is nowhere near the Straw Hats, so my only option I see is Usopp. Plus, Elbaf is next and that is Usopp’s arc, so what a great way to start off Usopp’s power development in the Elbaf Arc by giving him Kuma’s Devil Fruit.

*Theory by GreenStrawhat32

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