Van Augur’s Special Haki Ability


This is a speculation about the powers/abilities of Van Augur from the Blackbeard Pirates.


The Blackbeard Pirates are in many aspects similar to the Straw Hats. And it is anticipated that somewhere near the end they are going to fight against each other. The line-up fits perfectly and some of these pairings are obviously (such as Luffy vs Blackbeard and Shiliew vs Zoro). I believe the perfect opponent for Ussopp is Van Augur.

Ussopp’s character development in strength is going to improve his skills in the Observation Haki. As we were able to see in Dressrosa, Usopp generated a special power to save Luffy and Law from Sugar. This special power is a kind of sonar view. Even though it is not confirmed yet, everyone believes this is a form of Observation Haki. This leads me to the assumption that Ussopp’s opponent will have a similar power.


Not just Ussopp but Katakuri showed us that Observation Haki has many forms. Usopp has his sonar view and Katakuri and Luffy are able to see a bit into the future.


There are two questionable facts about Van Augur.

  1. How was Van Augur able to shoot a seagull when he could not see it because of the curvature of earth?
  2. Why is Van Augur named Van Augur?

We all know that Oda loves to name characters based on history and tales. And he gives these characters fitting abilities or mindsets.
An “Augur” was actually a person of the classical Roman world. He was like a priest who observed the behavior of birds, to interpret the will of the Gods. In other words: An Augur predicts the future based on the behavior of animals. Just like a prophecy.
In my opinion the name of Van Augur is another subtle hint of Oda to foreshadow his powers namely his advanced Observation Haki. It would fit very well as an ability for a sniper that Van Augur is.

Years ago I thought I was crazy thinking about seeing into the future as an ability. But since Katakuri showed us that it is possible in the world of One Piece, I highly believe in this speculation.
But to be honest: I do not think that Van Augur is able to see into the future. I believe this power should be very rare and reserved for Luffy and Katakuri as an unique selling point.
In fact I believe that Van Augur perfected the sonar view that Ussopp is only able to use for a short amount of time and under immense pressure. This would be the perfect explanation for Van Augur being able to shoot around the curvature of earth.

So Ussopp will have to fight Van Augur in a battle, in which Ussopp can’t see Van Augur, because he is to far away or is hiding behind objects. To win this fight Ussopp will have to improve the ability he showed in Dressrosa to a level Van Augur is using it.

Sniper vs Sniper. Advanced Observation vs Advanced Observation. Ussopp vs Van Augur.

*Theory by Sebastian Albert

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