Vegapunk and a new type of Poneglyph will be introduced in the next God Valley arc


We were all shocked by the one and only illustration of God Valley in chapter 957 which looks a lot like Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.


Here is now the illustration of Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.

Emerald City’s first appearance in One Piece was several hundred chapters ago on Jaya Island, by Bellamy.


For a long time, I believed and thought that Emerald City was somewhere on the Isle of Giants. The giant Oars of One Piece is called “Oz” in some countries. It would have seemed normal that being a giant, the land of Oz would be on Elbaf.


But after this illustration, I do believe that Emerald City is actually in God Valley.

God Valley is supposed to have been wiped off the map, but what if, like Emerald City, God Valley was simply high up and no longer on the seas?

It was home to Celestial Dragons, and after becoming aware of the danger they were running on the seas (cause of Rocks D. Xebec’s attack), they decided to return to higher ground. With the help of a storm, as we saw on Jaya Island.

“That which is below is as that which is above; and that which is above is as that which is below, to do the miracles of one thing.”

That is a part of the text on the Emerald Tablet of That.

Emerald City, Green Poneglpyh & Vegapunk appearance.

And that we are going to make the discovery of a new type of Poneglyphs, as well as Vegapunk.

Of course, I want to talk about Oda’s very certain source of inspiration for the Poneglyphs: the Emerald Tablet.

At the beginning of One Piece, we thought there was only one type of Poneglyphs: the blue ones we saw in Alabasta.

But that was before we learned of the Road Poneglyphs, which are red in color.

Knowing Oda’s taste for triality leaves no doubt to me.

The 3 colors of the additive synthesis are blue, red and green, which are very similar to the current Poneglyphs.
What if we soon discover a green Poneglyph ? There are still many Poneglyphs to be discovered, and it would not surprise me if we discover a new type, with a different purpose, as Oda did with the red ones.

The best place for this discovery would obviously be Emerald City (as the Emerald Tablet).

The Emerald Tablet is one of the first treatises of Alchemy. Alchemy is very closely related to the Philosopher’s Stone and we know that Vegapunk is well ahead of his time and working on genetic lineage.

And if this new type of Poneglyphs said more about the devil fruits and/or the D. lineage.

Oda said in SBS 48 about the devil fruits that “you’ll just have to wait for a certain professor to make his appearance in the story, and explain exactly what the Devil Fruits REALLY are… “.

And the “exact explanation” of what they really are, means a lot to me. As the Void Century and the Will of D., I think the Devil Druits will be explained on a Poneglyph: the only source of knowledge from the Void Century which can not disappear.

Who else but Vegapunk could it be? He’s the one who created the first artificial devil fruit and he is working on the genetic lineage…

So I think Vegapunk has access to a new sort – and may be unique – of Poneglyphs.

Okay, now let’s see why Vegapunk should be on God Valley / Emerald City.

Vegapunk’s origins

I think Vegapunk comes from the moon. Moon’s people have always been very technologically advanced, and this is clearly the case with Vegapunk.
I was struck and made the connection between moon people and Vegapunk by wanting to know more about him.
The one and only illustration of Vegapunk is very disturbing, and if we compare something with Enel’s mini-adventures, something is really disturbing.

Look, on the left of the picture, at the silhouette of Vegapunk who seems to have a very very long head. The first arrow is its moustache, the second one is its nose and the third is like his very long skull.

I think the real celestial dragons come from space, as their name suggests. And that Vegapunk is one of them.
He currently lives in Emerald City, which is also known as God Valley.

And I think he is captive of the others Celestial Dragons, World Government or Im. That’s why he may help Luffy, who’ll save him.

Rocks D. Xebec

We know that the God Valley incident was caused by Xebec, which is a D.

And what if he had discovered the secrets of the green Poneglyph and some of the devil fruits?

Many theories say that Blackbeard is very close to Xebec and could be his son. Xebec may had discovered the green Poneglyph and the secrets of Devil Fruits, and he might have passed this knowledge to Blackbeard through something/someone. A knowledge that allowed Blackbeard to eat two devil fruits.

Why would the next saga be God Valley?

First, we know that the final battle of One Piece is coming, and that a great battle will oppose Luffy to Blackbeard.

As it stands, Teach is actually unbeatable by Luffy.
Luffy’s next power-up could be learning the secret of the devil fruits. A power-up not of strenght but of knowledge, which would make it possible to defeat Blackbeard, who seems to be unbeatable with his devil fruits.

Oda plans to finish One Piece in 5 years, and everything has to speed up.

We have seen throughout the work that there is an enormous parallelism between the adventures on the first part of Grand Line, and the New World. Here are a few examples :

Arc Arlong Park / Arc Ile des Hommes-Poissons
Arlong x Hody

Arc LogueTown / Arc Punk Hazard
Buggy the Clown x Caesar Clown

Arc Thriller Bark / Arc Wano Kuni
Oz x Kaido

The next step is: Sabaody / Emerald City
And Duval x Drug Peclo

The next step after Wano should be the equivalent of Sabaody.

An archipelago which is already very important as it allows you to reach the Fish-Man Island, and Emerald City could, by contrast, be or lead to a celestial island, as we said before.

Duval & Drug Peclo

Drug Peclo is a lion, and wears a coat with the 495 number on it.

On the left, the first page of the chapter 495 with one of Duval’s first appearance and a quote “a shockingly true coincidence”.

Let’s continue.

In The Wizard of Oz, the hero meets a scarecrow, a lion and an iron man just before arriving in Emerald City.

What if we’re dealing with Basil Hawkins, Eustass “Captain” Kidd and Drug Peclo accompanying Luffy after Wano’s battle.

Everything fits!

*Theory by fr_mugiwara

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