Vegapunk is a Revolutionary and Kuma is still alive


Alright, so, Vegapunk is a nice guy. He wanted to make a heating system for his island! That’s so friggin nice. But this project was never finished. Why not? He surely has the technology now, and the world government has his back. Such powerful backing! They’re wasting thousands of workhours every day working on a stupid bridge, so surely the heater wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Except, the heater isn’t done and it seems Vegapunk hasn’t been home in years. Did he forget his birthplace?

No way. Of course it matters to him. It’s the world government who couldn’t care less. Waste time and money building a heater? No, build more weapons, we need more war to make PEACE.

Vegapunk is being kept against his will, and is forced to make weapons. The Government isn’t watching his back, they’re watching his every move!

If someone, like, say, a Revolutionary approached him with a plot to overthrow the Government, he might listen to it. If it’s a good plot. And Dragon seems like a guy with some good plots.

But of course, Vegapunk can’t openly support them, and the fewer who know about his involvement the safer. So Ivankov doesn’t know he’s an ally. Hell, even Kuma might have been kept in the dark. At least, he seemed sure he would die if he went cyborg, which Vegapunk wouldn’t do, would he? Not just because he’s secretly a Revolutionary ally, but because he’s secretly a nice guy, and turning people into thoughtless cyborgs doesn’t really jive with that.

Kuma was pretty mindless during the war, or just pretty amazing at the undercover thing. Iva’s still alive, right? Or maybe Vegapunk is keeping his brain in a jar somewhere. At least, I think it’s pretty sure Kuma’s gonna show his personality when the government expects it the least, and it will be amazing. And Vegapunk is probably gonna need rescuing when his betrayal comes to light…

*Theory by Birdy

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