Vegapunk, Judge and Queen used to work together!


My theory is that Vegapunk, Queen, Judge Vinsmoke and Sentomaru all worked together. And I believe that Vegapunk is the one who gave Queen his mechanical arm.


I found something interesting while I was reading on Queen, which will help us understand who Vegapunk is. First off, I believe that Queen worked with Judge and Vegapunk. I think this is the case because we know that Queen knew who Judge was when he saw Sanji’s poster, which confirms a connection to Judge.

It also seems evident now that Queen is a scientist. Queen seems to be able to make viruses, and he has a mechanical arm in which he works on himself.


We also know that Queen resembles a character named “Obelix, a character from the Franco-Belgian comic The Adventures of Asterix”.


Looking into the Asterix comics, and having a read through some of its chapters, I saw that there were 4 characters that stuck out to me, these 4 characters enjoy a dynamic relationship with each other. The characters are AsterixObelixGetafix, and Vitalstatistix.

Asterix is a small warrior who uses his wits and sometime fists (enhanced the by the magic potion) to defeat enemies.

Obelix is Asterix’s closest friend, he is a tall, obese man who fell into Getafix’s magic potion, gaining unbelievable strength.

Getafix is the village druid. He is he is tall with a long white beard. He is known for his strength-enhancing magic potion, he has many other magical and medicinal potions at his disposal. He also acts as the village doctor and occasional teacher. Asterix (and most other villagers) will consult him whenever anything strange occurs. He does not engage himself in combat. He is also a man of high morals, refusing to do inhumane experiments when ordered. He is wanted by the Romans for his ability.

Vitalstatistix is the Village leader and is carried around by his “Human Shields”. He is very insecure.

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