Vegapunk Reveals New Secrets About Devil Fruits – One Piece Chapter 1070 Spoilers


Chapter title: Strongest Humans

  • The title is referring to Seraphims, because they’re fed artificial devil fruits.

Cover page: Five scientists gathered for humanity and the world. The five scientists are Vegapunk, Caesar, Judge, Queen and a woman.

Luffy vs Lucci continues, Lucci still can’t land a hit. Luffy hits him with “Gomu Gomu no Dawn (Doon) Rocket”.


Vegapunk explains the difficulty of replicating Devil Fruits:

  • Zoans are easy as most are based on animals. It seems that Mythical Zoans are really hard though and require special circumstances;
  • Paramecia just needs the Lineage Factor of the user;
  • Logias: Vegapunk doesn’t want to talk about as it’s astronomical and seems like there is a story about how he got Kizaru’s.

Sentomaru isn’t dead, but knocked out and taken to get healed as Lucci gains control of the Seraphim.


Last page shows Kizaru leading a fleet to Egghead.

Here is one page of the chapter, showed officially in Jump Festa 2023:


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Roger’s Sword is one the 12 Supreme Grade Swords and is called Ace!