I’ve seen some people actually saying that Vergo was on par with the other executives like Trebol, Diamante and Pica.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Their first argument is ;

”Vergo was a seat like Pica was.”

They say Vergo was a seat, and so is Trebol, Diamante and Pica. Not sure how this logic works, Law would be a seat if he accepted Doflamingo’s offer. They confirmed that.


— Chapter 695

So just as Law was more powerful than Trebol and Diamante, Pica, just as Vergo was more powerful than them.

Their second argument is ;

”Pica was able to do a full body armament like Vergo”

I mean, how irrelevant this argument really is… Who said being able to do full body armament suggests an equality… And if Rayleigh makes a full body armament, is that mean he will be only strong as Pica? Do you see how ridiculous this argument is ? It completely depends on the user’s Haki level, not to anything else.

As for Vergo’s Haki level, we’ve at least 3 confirmations about how high it really is.

The first one Caesar Clown ;

Caesar : ”His armament Haki is unstoppable”

Even Caesar heard of Vergo’s high level of Haki.


Vergo confirms that he has a superior Haki level than Smoker’s Haki level.

Vergo : ”Against an opponent with superior Haki.”


Doflamingo : ”…Nothing to the strength of his Haki!!”

– Chapter 690

Even Doflamingo hyped his Haki level.

As you can see, these two arguments about Pica and Vergo are being on the same level doesn’t make any sense. Pica literally has zero Haki hype and zero Haki feat.

If you compare Pica’s h2h combat abilties with Vergo’s,

Vergo who has insane h2h combat feats like breaking Smoker’s haki imbued Jutte ;

– Chapter 690

And cracking Sanji’s leg, feat-wise Pica and Vergo aren’t even comparable.

– Chapter 681

Not even a scratch over a Haki user’s sword strike.

– Chapter 680

Don’t forget that Vergo is a skilled Rokushiki user, who can use Soru, Geppou, Shigan etc.

Vergo entrusted to infiltrate into the Marine base by Doflamingo, and Trebol entrusted to protect Sugar, and Diamante entrusted to protect the Mera Mera no Mi. Doffy gave no important mission to Pica.

Because Pica’s power is most likely depends on his stones, to the certain territory. Without stones, he isn’t even better than Trebol and Diamante, not even mention they have a lot better h2h combat feats than Pica, remember when Diamante splitted the large field with a sword slash, trashed a couple of gladiators at the colesium and one-shotted Rebecca.

Trebol has strength (lifted and ragdolled a ship with stick ability), speed (caught running Robin in a second) and marksmanship (casually hit a flying bug) feats. Seriously, only one who has no h2h combat feat is Pica here.

Which is also making sense that he was hiding behind of his stones and not fighting against Zoro all day. Vergo on the other hand is a skilled Rokushiki master, he has high level Haki, and he is a h2h combat specialist. His Haki even hyped by Caesar, and even Doflamingo. Pica received none of this kind of hype. If I have to make an equation among the seats, Pica would be at the bottom. Vergo >> Trebol, Diamante and Pica.

Only someone without any evidence and logic would say Pica and Vergo were at the same level just because they can both make full body armament (who said being able to make full body armament is something impressive in the first place) and just because they are executives.

Vergo was superior to all other executives, Law specifically said that Vergo was ”most vital” subordinate of Mingo.

Law : ”Vergo’s done for. You’re losing your most vital pawn.”

– Chapter 690

Doflamingo : ”Sorry, partner…”

– Chapter 693

Remember when was the last time we’ve seen a captain calling his crewmate as ”partner”…

– Chapter 506

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