Vinsmokes’ Pseudo-Devil Fruit Abilities & Clone Army


We all know that each of the Vinsmoke’s have Pseudo-Devil Fruit abilities.


If we look closely we can see that they do not have artifical Zoans but instead they have artifical Paramecia&Logia abilities. It may only generate their ability and not effect their bodies but this is a great achievement compared to SMILE:

We also know that Vegapunk managed to create a artifical Mytical Zoan:


But the genetic modification that Judge to his children is much more successful due to he managed to created artifical DF abilities of inanimated objects and forces.

If we look at them:

  • Vinsmoke Reiju: Doku Doku no Mi


  • Vinsmoke Ichiji: Bomu Bomu no Mi

  • Vinsmoke Niji: Goro Goro no Mi

  • Vinsmoke Yonji: ???

Because of this we can expect that every kind of DF can be created artifical.

But what makes these abilities better then SMILE is that Judge’s modifications are closer to the original then SMILE.

This shows that artifical DF abilities can come close to the original.

It also shows that there is a way to create artifical DF’s from nearly everything. Using this technology Judge can create the strongest army of OP, overpowering even the army of Yonko or the military of Elbaf.

The Potential of the Clone Army:

We know that the Vinsmoke-Family create a clone army from the best soldiers they had but they are not incredible strong like many characters in OP.

There are many solution in the world of OP. Because a persons character is determined mostly by the brain there is plenty of room for genetic modification that would boost their strength:

Fishmen Anatomy: They are physically ten times as strong as normal humans from birth. Using the genetics from shark-fishmen would further boost their strength as shark-fishmen are currently the strongest known fishmen (Jinbei, Arlong, Hody Jones).

Exoskeleton: We know that the Vinsmoke’s have a exoskeleton that protects them against damage. This feature can be added to the Clone-Army in order to boost their toughness.

Artifical Zoan Ability: We know that artifical mythical zoan devil fruits can be produced that are nearly perfect. Because Judge managed to give his children artifical inanimated/force DF abilities we can be sure that it is possible to create DF’s from anything.

A zoan would fit to the clone army because they are much easier to produce.

Possible sources for the zoan’s would be Little Garden or Rusukaina:

Little Garden:

  • It is inhabitated by prehistoric animals.
  • This island offers ANCIENT ZOAN type of DF’s.


  • It is inhabitated by increadible strong animals. So strong that there are over 500 animals that can defeat Luffy (who defeated Rob Lucci on a 1vs1 fight). Another statement of their power is that Luffy was forced to create G4 in other to defeat stronger animals (this happened while Rayleigh taught Luffy the basics of Haki).
  • This island offers “SUPER” ZOANS that would overpower normal/ancient zoan DF’s.

Gifted Body: There is a reason why Bobby Funk is born with a extremely strong body from birth. By changing the certain genetic from the soldiers their could achieve similiar strength.

His body is so strong that even a haki-imbued axe broke against his body without making any damage. It has it’s limits but it is much higher then a strong fighter.

Haki&Strength-Training: We know that Garp is capable of making two children into strong adults in a short amount of time. By utilizing his training program they can create similiar results.

Rayleigh managed to teach Luffy the basics of Haki in less a then two years. This could also be achieved with the soldiers. Like I said using the connections that the family has with the Marines they could ask Garp to train their man physical and spiritual (haki).

At the end they could create a army so strong that it even surpasses the military of Elbaf that is hailed as the strongest military (Luffy took down Hajrudin with one strike. The clone soldiers with these modifications and training should be able to create similiar force to Luffy)

Future Artificial Devil Fruits:

Because of the successful genetic modification that gave the Vinsmoke’s pseudo-DF’s we can expect that the abilities of inanimated objects and forces could be turned into DF rather then directly giving a user the ability.

Their abilities are more advanced then SMILE and this would mean that future artifical Zoan DF’s will be very close to the original (we could expect that only the awekening isn’t possible).

Because it is possible to create Mythical Zoans we can expect that it would be possible to create Zoans that turn the user into geneticly modificated animals or “super-animals” like Rusukaina’s animals that are similiar to normal animals but incredible strong (Zoro and Sanji could easily kill a dinosaur in Little Garden while there where over 500 animals in Rusukaina that were stronger then Luffy and he was forced to create G4. This shows that the animals in Rusukaina are stronger then Pretimeskip-Pacifista or characters like Hody Jones -who was not really “strong”-).

Possible genetic modificated zoan devil fruits:

Theory by Nami Is C

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