Let me show you an idea I’m developing since some time!

We are actually in the Saga named “VS YONKO
Yonko means “4 Emperors”, so it’s the Saga “VS 4 Emperors“.


I believe that, in this Saga we have 4 arcs involving the Straw Hats. + 1 one wild arc.
– Whole Cake
– Rêverie (wild arc : without Straw Hats or only Robin)
– Wano
– Elbaf
– Raftel
or other

You probably all know well the Theory Formula of 4 Straw Hats by seas, so let me show you what I think about these 4 arc.

The actual Whole Cake Island arc is focusing mainly on Sanji in the Straw Hats. 2016 was “the Year of Sanji”.
Wano arc will most likely focus on Zoro.
Elbaf arc will obviously focus on Usopp.

This is 3 of the 4 first recruited people in the crew. Recruited in East Blue.
By this, I believe the arc after Elbaf, probably Raftel arc, will focus on Nami.

But, what about the other actual Straw Hats ?
Well, I think these 4 arcs have a 2nd character focus, more subtle, yep, it’s focusing on the second part of the crew, the people recruited in Paradise.
Even if Nami and Chopper are also present and useful in WCI arc, it focuses a lot on Brook.

He is the “Soul King” and had a crucial role in this arc.
He is the one who collected the Poneglyphs copies. One of the two original missions of the arcs, the other one being the rescue of Sanji.

Wano arc will, as many know/hope, focus on Zoro.
But I also think that Chopper will have a big role there.


Mainly because he is a Zoan, the Human Zoan. His knowledge of Rumble Ball and his medical expertise should be useful about Smiles.
The antagonist is Kaido.

Elbaf arc will focus on Usopp for sure.


One of the strongest arguments for me is that Usopp will meet Yasopp there.
But what about Franky ?
I think the Pluton’s plot will take place overthere. We should also meet Vegapunk, the great scientist. And what if this guy is Franky’s father ?

I think this arc will be linked with the Yonko Shanks.

Then, next arc, IMO it will be Raftel (or a battle in the sea more precisely).
Nami and Robin are the keys in the crew to really find the One Piece, so this last arc before to be Pirate King might focus on them as Straw Hats.

Also remember what the Dukes said to Robin that she’s very precious to the crew and could risk a kidnaping (–> Blackbeard).

And to end this,
I think the 4 Arcs of the Yonko Saga have some similarities with the 4 arcs before it, in the same order.

1) Fishman Island / Whole Cake Island : Races thematic / Tamate Box / Alliances / Jinbe / Sanji’s blood plot / Big Mom pirates / Luffy declaring war to BM
2) Punk Hazard / Wano : Island half fire/half ice (Wano will probably have different climatic islands) / Smiles introducing / Caesar Clown role / Zoro beast / Kiemon and Momo roles / Yokai inspirations / Law-Luffy alliance against Kaido
3) Dressrosa / Elbaf : Usopp role with dwarfs / Hajrudin / Grand Fleet / Luffy Thor Elephant Gun / Kid’s alliances for Shanks / Burgess / Revo
4) Zou / Raftel (or Battle in Sea) : Revelations arc / 1st Road Poneglyph plot / Floating Vessel / Blackbeard news (Payback war) / Robin’s role / Nami navigation’s role

I also think these arcs will parallels on arcs before Time-Skip for sure :
Whole Cake Island // some things of Enies Lobby + many things of Thriller Bark
Wano // some things of Thriller Bark + many things of Enies Lobby
Elbaf // Sabaody + Amazon Lily ?
Raftel // Impel Down ?
Final War // Marineford

The Saga after this one should be “VS World Government” and should focus on Luffy (maybe his meeting with Dragon…)

I hope you liked it and like the idea about the focus on each Nakama in the next arcs.

Thank you for reading! :)

*Theory by Zero Zero No Mi

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