Wano Arc proves that Sanji is the best written and developed character in One Piece


So a brief run down of Sanji’s arc:

  • He uses the raid suit against his pride, saving the Flower Capital citizens, and then Nami, Robin, Shinobu and Momonosuke.
  • Black Maria and her group of women pretend to be women getting attacked by a perverted man, so Sanji tries to save them only to get caught. After getting caught by Black Maria, he shows his character development by asking Robin to come save him. He has learned that he does not have to shoulder all the burden himself and can ask help from others.
  • Due to usage of the raid suit, his latent Germa genes awaken, giving him exoskeleton like his siblings. Queen literally swings a sword to his throat, and the swird shatters into pieces while Sanji is unfazed. This makes him have a crisis, as it may cause him to become emotionless like his brothers.
  • He gets lost in thought and it is implied that he accidentally hit a woman (even though it most probably did not happen). This causes his mind to plummet even more.
  • Sanji’s journey up until this point has been more about supporting his friends than finding his dream. And even at this point of Life or Death – he goes back to think of Luffy. What will he want? A Perfect Science Soldier or An “Imperfect” Man?!
  • Obviously a soldier is more useful for a King, than a cook/man – who is useless against women. But! But not for his King. Not for his friend! Even through a million turmoils, he knows Luffy will want Sanji just to be himself. So Sanji takes a decision and destroys the raid suit because he does not want to transform into his brothers anymore than he already has.
  • He calls Zoro via Den Den Mushi and asks Zoro to kill him if he is not himself at the end of this battle.
  • He gets extremely pissed at Queen (who has been badgering him to use the raid suit, because he used to work with Judge) and hits him with Hell Memories.

I personally am absolutely loving his arc. I love how carefully Oda has written Sanji. Best written character in One Piece for me. What do you think?

*by OkUnderstanding3669

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