Wano Timeline


Upon having read Chapter 918, the cliffhanger there sparked my interest on the mysteries of Wano which I admittedly was clueless about prior to it.


And with all the theories and analyses that I have read so far to pump up my curiosity, I then decided to compile a partial One Piece timeline in relation to Wano’s events in order to get a better understanding of it all.

Along the way, a lot of inconsistencies came up which hindered me from completing the timeline. But thanks to Chapter 919, most of them have been cleared up and the deductions and theories that I previously had became more solid. Do take note, however, that this timeline also includes non-Wano events in order to provide context.

So without any further ado, here’s the timeline…

[ 20+ years ago ]
The Kozuki Family ruled over Wano for a very long time.

So far, I’ve seen quite a number of people stating that Oden was “dethroned” by Orochi. I disagree with this, so let me refute it with these two points:

1) Oden was a daimyo before he left, after he returned, and until he died
The first part is proven in Chapter 820, where Kin’emon referred to Oden as a daimyo when saying that for such a person of Wano to go aboard a pirate vessel was unprecedented. The second and last parts are proven simply by people who still referred to him as a daimyo before and after he died.

2) Orochi dethroned another Kozuki member, not Oden
Remember that the Kozuki Family ruled over Wano before, which means that they were a dynasty of shoguns. And based on historical evidence, this, as well as the existence of blood relations between a shogun and daimyo, was typical of shogunates in Feudal Japan before.

So Oden then was a daimyo who had a fellow Kozuki member as his shogun. To further support this, the fact that Oden was even able to leave and return to Wano as a daimyo without paying heavily for the crime of leaving its borders was most probably because he had very close ties with the shogun beforehand.

– – – – –

Now, if you’re wondering when and how Orochi took the position from that shogun/Kozuki member, as well as how Oden was still able to retain his position as a daimyo afterwards, I’ll explain it later. For now, let’s move on with the timeline.

[ 28 years ago ]
Roger contracted an incurable disease and decided to go on a final journey with his crew.
Kozuki Momonosuke was born.
[ 27 years ago ]
Edd War occured in the New World.


It was during this period that Oden began his travels outside of Wano and also joined the Roger Pirates. The former is because he couldn’t have left Wano before his son’s birth (assuming he was a decent husband and father), and the latter is because of the evidence we saw in Skypiea, namely the footnote that Roger left on the Poneglyph which only Oden could have possibly written (presuming their trip to Skypiea took place before the Edd War).

[ 26 years ago ]
Roger Pirates visited Zou.
[ 25 years ago ]
Roger Pirates reached Raftel.


The reasons for their visit to Zou weren’t disclosed, but my guess is that one of which was to leave behind Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. Remember that the two of them didn’t join Roger, Oden, and the rest of the crew all the way to Raftel.

As to why, it’s probably because they have already deciphered most, if not all, of the Poneglyphs that point to Raftel and are about to take on the final leg of their journey. Seeing that this could be far more dangerous than any of their previous travels, Oden decided to leave behind the two minks who were still very young at that time with ages of, at most, 13 years old (I deduced this from Shanks and Buggy’s age back when they were still apprentices on the Oro Jackson. Inu and Neko mentioned in Chapter 820 that they weren’t any older and not much more important than Shanks and Buggy back then).

[ 24 years ago ]
Roger was executed.

We all know that between this time and their arrival on Raftel a year ago, Roger disbanded his crew, met and drank with Whitebeard one last time, and surrendered to the Marines. The first of my three deductions which occured during this period is that Roger brought Oden home to Wano. In relation to this, my second deduction is that the beginning of Oden’s travels was immediately aboard Whitebeard’s ship.

In Chapter 820, Kin’emon mentioned that they briefly made their acquaintance with Whitebeard and Roger when they landed. Since Oden joined the Roger Pirates in the middle of their journey, my first deduction was the only possible time that Roger went to Wano and also met Momo and the retainers (unless they went back-and-forth to Wano, which I highly doubt). Also, when asked by Luffy if they also went on Whitebeard’s ship, Kin’emon answered that they stayed in Wano and Kanjuro explained afterwards that they even tried to convince Oden not to sail aboard a pirate’s ship. From their choice of words, especially Kanjuro’s, we can then arrive at my second deduction.

However, if you’re not convinced with this reason behind my second deduction, let me then offer you two additional points:

1) Wano is an isolationist country

With this known fact and also their strict laws, we can then presume that they didn’t build any sort of transportation fit to cross their borders and travel the outside world. This then means that the only way for Oden to begin his journey was to board a foreigner’s ship that landed in Wano.

2) Momonosuke remembered meeting Roger, but didn’t mention anything about Whitebeard

By now, we understand that the only times that Momo and the retainers could have possibly met either Roger or Whitebeard were before Oden left and after he returned. Since Roger’s case is already a given, considering Momo’s memories should make it even more convincing that Whitebeard was only present at the beginning.

– – – – –

The last of my deductions is that before going back to Wano, Roger and Oden picked up Inuarashi and Nekomamushi from Zou. This was because as retainers, Inu and Neko had the sacred duty to protect their lord and bring him home safely.

If Inu and Neko went ahead of Oden in going back to Wano, they most likely would have been executed. And if Oden returned without them, they probably would have been branded as traitors and the relationship between Kozukis and Minks would have been tarnished or severed.

Upon completion of their duty, it was also probably during this time that the two of them exchanged “words” with the other retainers, which most likely pertained to a promise of meeting again in the future. This was mentioned by Inu and Neko in Chapter 817.

Also in the same chapter, Kin’emon said something rather questionable. He mentioned that he was pleasantly surprised to see both Inu and Neko still alive and to think that they were in Zou. The only reason that I can come up with for his statement is this: Inu and Neko shared to their fellow retainers that the two of them would go on a journey themselves just like what they experienced alongside Oden.

Since they were still very young and relatively inexperienced back then, Kin’emon thought that there was a high chance that both of them would perish early on, thus leading him to not expect them to be alive in Zou 20+ years later. If this turns out to be true, then one of their journeys later on could have been the starting point of their long-standing quarrel.

[ 23 years ago ]
Ryuma’s corpse and sword, Shusui, disappeared in the middle of a pirate attack.

Remember my first deduction? This theory here is the answer to the question I left hanging there.

Since this national incident was said to have brought the country of Wano to its knees, we can then imagine the reaction of its citizens who have lived in a culture centered in honor. Shame fell upon them despite not being the cause of it, so the only thing they could do was blame the person at the top — the shogun. So, by unknown means and circumstances, the shogun/Kozuki member was overthrown and Orochi was hailed the new shogun.

If this turns out to be true and, in effect, the ex-shogun was relegated to a mere member of the Kozuki household led by Oden, then there’s a high chance that he is the fourth Kozuki member revealed in Chapter 919. Also, the reason behind Oden retaining his position as daimyo after Orochi came to power is because shoguns do not necessarily have the power to forcibly remove a daimyo from his position.

[ 20 years ago ]
Oden and the 9 Red Scabbards planned to “destroy Wano by opening its borders”.
Oden was executed, and Momo and his retainers fled to the future.

In light of the recent chapter, I’m guessing that the 9 Red Scabbards are actually Oden’s fellow daimyos before who, with Oden as their leader, made up the core of the rebels that Kin’emon previously mentioned in Zou. Also, the reason behind their rebellion was probably because Orochi had already been abusing his power across Wano.

But somehow, Orochi got wind of their plans early on and he tried to seek help from the outside, which later on turned out to be Kaido and his crew. In exchange for their help, Orochi secretly led Kaido to where the Kozuki Family lived so that the latter couldn’t have any time to escape.

[ 4 years ago ]
Amigasa Village lived in famine.
[ 3 years ago ]
Ace and his crew (Spade Pirates) got shipwrecked on Amigasa.

[ 1+ years ago ]
X Drake joined the Beast Pirates as a headliner and ravaged Amigasa.
[ A few months ago ]
Momonosuke and co. arrived from the past. They then set off for Zou but got separated along the way, thus leaving Raizo on his own to relay the tragic news.

[ Present ]

*Theory by Ebony Rustle