Wano Fights and Matchups


1-Kaido vs:

  • Luffy, Law, and Kid
  • All of the present Supernovas (Luffy, Law, Kid, Zoro, Killer, Hawkins, X Drake)
  • Yamato? Kaido’s son may not like him and given he is his son, he has a chance of being very powerful so he might be the x factor in Kaido’s defeat.
  • Big Mom? Maybe not a full fight but she might betray him and she is the only other person strong enough to definitively take on Kaido.

2-Kurozumi Orochi vs:

  • All the Scabbards (each chop off a head?)
  • Hiyori deals the finishing blow?
  • Zoro

3-King vs:

  • Zoro (I think this is going to happen)
  • Zoro and Killer
  • Marco (It’s 50/50 to me whether he’ll show up, but I’d love to see him have an air battle with King)

4-Queen vs:

  • Sanji (I think Zoro and Sanji will truly become Commander Level in this arc)

5-Jack vs:

  • Nekomamushi and Inuarashi
  • Jinbe (Straw Hat Pirates Commanders vs Beasts Pirates Commanders?)

6-Kanjuro vs:

  • Kin’emon
  • Denjiro
  • Momonosuke tricks him??
  • He feels guilty and switches sides (my least favorite)

7-Big Mom vs:

  • She doesn’t go down. (I really don’t see her being defeated in Wano)
  • Something happens with the alliance (betrayal, personality change?)

8-Scratchmen Apoo vs:

  • Eustass Kid (I honestly think Kid might kill him but this is One Piece so…)
  • Brook (Tall, Musicians)
  • Kid Pirates collectively
  • Basil Hawkins

9-The Numbers vs:

  • Usopp (as foreshadowed)
  • Many side characters such as Bepo, Jean Bart, Heat, Wire etc…

10-Flying Six vs:

  • Sasaki vs Jinbe
  • Black Maria vs Nico Robin
  • Page One vs Sanji
  • Ulti vs Nami, Chopper and Usopp
  • Who’s Who vs Zoro

*by TheEvman

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