Wano’s Map and Main Factions


Recently, I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t know who a character is in Wano, because the names are hard to remember.

So here is a list of the important characters in Wano so far:

The Map


The Shogun’s faction

Kurozumi Orochi is the Shogun.

Fukurokuju is the leader of the Oniwabanshu.


Kyoshiro is the Yakuza current leader..

The “Neutral” faction.

Minatomo is the carpenter that build Kaido’s castle, and was Franky’s boss.

O-Toko is the small child that is laughing all the time.

Komurasaki “was” the highest ranked courtesans (aka prostitute).

Tonoyasu or Yasu, who is laughing man we saw with Zoro, he is also a male Geisha from Ebisu Town. (Taikomochi)

Hyogoro was the former Yakuza’s leader.

Ushimitsu Kozо (Not revealed yet), who is the Robin Hood of Wano.

The Good guys faction

The Kozuki Family :

  • Oden was the former Daimyo of Kuri. And his father was the previous shogun before the coup.
  • Toki was his wife. And Hiyori their daughter.
  • Then you have Momonosuke, the current “lord”.

You then have his current retainers with :

  • Kin’emon, Kanjuro and Raizo are his direct retainer.

Then you have the others Kozuki retainers, like :

  • Shutenmaru, Kawamatsu, Denjiro (not revealed yet), who were Oden’s strongest retainers.

After that you have various allies to them, such as :

Kin’emon’s wife O-Tsuru, who has a tea shop.

O-Kiku, a Samurai serving the Kozuki.

Hitestsu is the descendant of the one who forged the Kitetsu. And for a long time he was taking care of O-Tama, who is one of the sweetest kunoichi in training.

Shinobu is a former member of the Oniwabanshu.

*by Kirosh

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