In Chapter 897 Germa attacked the Tottoland Grand Fleet at Cacao Island. But Smoothie’s Fleet is approaching Cacao Island so what will happen and who will appear? Is this the end for Germa 66?



They aren’t that powerful at the moment as Big Mom is busy chasing Capone Bege, Katakuri is unable to fight , Cracker’s situation is unknown wether he recovered by now or not and Daifuku was last seen far away when Big Mom was on Sunny leaving Smoothie, Oven and Snack.

Major key fighters at the moment: 

Charlotte Smoothie 
Bounty: 932,000,000 Berries

Smoothie is the only Sweet Commander who is at full strength but she has to make a decision whether she and her fleet chases the Sunny or she lets them go and join Oven to fight against the Germa 66.

Smoothie has shown that she’s extemely good with a sword. Her sword slash directed to Sunny was similar to Dracule Mihawk’s “World’s Strongest Slash” against Whitebeard.

She can even resist an attack from Vinsmoke Reiju without taking any damage. If Smoothie joins it’ll definitely be a game changer.

Charlotte Snack 
Bounty: 600,000,000 Berries


Snack lost to Urouge but we don’t know how strong Urouge is. He was still a Sweet Commander meaning that his strength can be lower or equal to the other Sweet Commanders.

Charlotte Oven


Oven proved to extreme durabililty and strength as when he stopped Pedro’s sword strike and only came back with minor injuries after being kicked by Sanji and took no damage from Niji’s kick.

And his devil fruit is insane as anything that touches him gets instantly heated like when Pedro was forced to drop his sword after it was heated and he was even able to heat up the ocean causing it to boil.

Charlotte Yuen

Yuen has shown tremendous strength when he was able to easily knock Sanji down into the ground with a giant ball that he was able to enlarge on the top his staff and Sanji didn’t even see it coming.

Charlotte Daifuku

Daifuku is the other monster that was among Oven, Smoothie and Katakuri at the wedding and he’s able to summon a Genie with tremendous strength that was able to beat Sanji with raw force.

But he was last seen far away when Big Mom was on Sunny but it’s likely that he’d go to Cacao Island now.

Apart from these 5 there are others who could join the Tottoland Grand Fleet after hearing about the Germa’s Attack:

Charlotte Cracker
Bounty: 860,000,000 Berries

Cracker was last seen on the Whole Cake Chateau unconscious but when we look at the time that has passed on Whole Cake Island Cracker could possibly have been recovering until now and it’s possible that he would join the fight as soon as he wakes up and his target would be Luffy who is at Cacao Island and Cracker and Smoothie together could possibly take down the Germa Fleet.

Charlotte Linlin

How and Why?
Bege can’t keep her chasing him forever but he’s closer to Funwari Island and he’s going to throw the cake there and I see Big Mom returning normal after she fulfills her craving and after that she’d be at her boiling point to find out that Germa are back and attacking her Fleet.


Even the Germa Fleet is down, their leader Vinsmoke Judge was heavily injured by Big Mom and Zeus.
Leaving the 4 Commanders and possible allies:

Vinsmoke Reiju

Due to her genetic enhancements, Reiju possesses immense superhuman physical abilities that were additionally honed through a stringent training regimen.

She has an outer skeleton known as an Exoskeleton which allows her to take more damage than a normal human but she has an extraordinary recovery rate from injuries.

Vinsmoke Ichiji

Ichiji was enhanced with genetic modifications that gave him tremendous superhuman abilities

When Ichiji was a child Judge’s aide stated that his strength and agility was on the level of an adult man. He developed an outer skeleton that enhanced his durability.

Vinsmoke Niji

With genetic enhancements Niji possesses tremendous superhuman abilities. His outer skeleton made him impervious to a blunt sword strike from Sanji and one of Judge’s aides said that he had developed the strength and agility of an adult man

Vinsmoke Yonji

Yonji was given genetic enhancements which gave him superhuman physical abilities. Judge’s aide stated that Yonji’s strength and agility had matured into the level of adult men.



Pekoms did not willingly ally himself but he is just causing rampage against the Tottoland Grand Fleet so this is just a conflict of interest and there’s no saying that Pekoms will attack the Germa as well as the Big Mom Pirates.

Straw Hats – Will they be allies?

They are currently being chased by Smoothie but due to Germa Grand Fleet attacking Cacao Island Smoothie would likely go after Germa meaning that Straw Hats got a window to get out of there but will they?

Will Sanji help out or not?

No he will not.
Sanji’s main concern is getting Luffy out and getting him to Chopper as Luffy was excessively bleeding throughout his battle with Katakuri and is in need of heavy medical attention so rather than fighting off the Tottoland Grand Fleet with his Family who started this at the first place, Sanji’s main concern should be Luffy. His brothers and Reiju formed a border around him indicating that they would create an escape path for him and Luffy.

The End 
We could see:
Oven Vs Ichiji
Snack vs Niji
Yuen vs Yonji
Smoothie vs Reiju
(that was random it could be anyone vs anyone there)
But as for the end for this war I can think of 2 different scenarios:

Scenario 1

Big Mom comes back after Capone throws the cake.

Bege will throw the cake at some point and if Big Mom regains her consciousness and turns back to normal she could head to Cacao Island and if she shows up the Germa could very well be annihilated by Big Mom because she’d most likely enraged due to the whole situation and might destroy everything herself

Scenario 2

Germa Secret Weapon

Germa 66 is heavily based on Nazi and Germany
The Nazi were also inventers of one of the greatest weapons ever made, the “Fritz X” a radio controlled bomb.

How can they use a Bomb?
This could probably be stored within their HQ and if they blow up Cacao Island after the Strawhats escape and after the Commanders get off the old it would destroy the Totto Land Grand Fleet giving them a chance to escape and attend the Reverie.

Big Mom Pirates couldn’t be doomed if Germa are annihilated

The Reverie 
If Big Mom was to attack one of the 20 kingdoms like the Germa Kingdom the World Government could declare war against Big Mom Pirates.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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