We still haven’t seen Kaido’s true Power!


I feel like a lot of people still didn’t understood the “animal form” is generally the weakest form of Zoan users (aside from the Beast Pirates, the Zoan users we saw didn’t even bother using that form in fights).


In Kaido’s specific case is also evident it is indeed his weakest form based on how he always starts his fights and only after being overpowered he changes from full Zoan form to the human form.

This is the third time we see Kaido fighting in his full Zoan dragon form and this is the third time he is being overpowered in it. The dragon form is basically his “ok, I will fight” form and just means he doesn’t take the enemy seriously.


When he takes his opponent seriously, that’s when Kaido shifts to his human form. It took Oden one single hit for Kaido to change to the human form.


It took Luffy a few attacks. It is taking the Scabbards a bit longer probably because Kaido refuses to acknowledge underlings can push him back. But in the end, this is nothing new.

Kaido’s human form is the form that we still didn’t saw being matched in a fight and is the one he takes when shit is serious. That’s the reason why his clash with Big Mom was the only fight so far he didn’t waste time going to his dragon form.

And of course there’s still the hybrid form after that. And probably awakening.

Let’s take Lucci for example. In his hybrid form, he’s much bigger, stronger, faster, etc than in his full form. It’s great to see the Scabbards doing all this, but we are still seeing Kaido in the weakest of his 3, possibly 4, stages.

*Theory by Beloberto

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