What Happened to the Straw Hats in the Latest Chapter? There are 3 Possibles Scenarios!


Following the seeming destruction of the Thousand Sunny, I only see three clear scenarios going forward.


I will not speculate on whether the Sunny survive or not, nor on who helped or not the Straw Hats. My speculation is strictly on the three main general scenarios foreseen by me. First off, before developing, i’d like to say that only the third option will most likely be known in the next chapter, and if it is the first option, we will most likely not know the exact outcome for a while.

1 – My personal favorite: The Straw Hats did escape Totto Land, but we won’t know for a while.

In regards to my favorites, where the Straw Hats did escape, the idea would be that the arc has just ended on chapter 900, and we would get a trasition chapter next. It is not without basis, I came to that conclusion thanks to three main things: first, we had the party at the end of arc, Big Mom’s party; second, it would leave the reader and the world of One Piece in suspense, this would be great for both the Reverie and the beginning of a Wano arc with the rest of the Straw Hats; third, Oda said it himself on the color page by announcing the imminent start of Wano Kuni.


This means that we would get the Reverie right now, with the announcement of a fight between Straw Hats and Big Mom and the announcement of Luffy’s achievements and doom.


The plot would be left hanging for a possible future arc without displeasing the readers who recognize there is still a lot more to do with Big Mom. This also gives a chance to build up suspense as to what happened to Luffy and the rest. How the escape happen would probably be told through flashback while we are in the Wano arc. Personally, it is my favorite option, as it allows us to move on the cliffhanger, that leaves us in suspense in regards to our protagonist and the arc as both the stories aren’t finished.

2 – The most likely: The Straw Hats were rescued/are safe and are preparing for the last portion of the arc.

Probably the most likely as it is very simple to set it up, and would answer and conclude the arc. The reason why it is almost likely, it is because: first off, the Straw Hats are alive; second, the story arc is not over; third off, it allows development between the different allies and set up fights for the very near future. It also allows for certain amount of suspense as from now on we have lost in our objective, which leaves the door open for Oda to introduce a new objective that will lead to Totto Land’s conclusion. It is also perfectly matching the theme of deception of this arc. In any case, this option will most likely lead to the defeat (not necessarily fighting) of Big Mom.

To prepare for that, we will most likely follow other characters, and see some set ups from both allies and enemies in the next chapter. Therefore, it will not feel like a transition chapter, more like a set up chapter, with possible reactions and plot development.

3 – The most logical: The Straw Hats and their allies were all captured.

My least favorite, yet the most logical and fastest way to end the arc, the Straw Hats being captured in the next chapter leading to the reunion of all allied forces. This is one way to get every cast member in one place at one time chosen by the creator to have the final event of the arc happening. This has been set up by the Oda as well both in flashback and directly. We were introduced to two things during the arc: first, Big Mom listens to her children and subordinates when they are pleading; second, the roulette that hasn’t been used at all in this arc, apart from flashback.

We know for fact that Luffy is extremely lucky, being lucky he will succeed at the roulette, this would result in an armistice where change can occur, resolving all the missing bits and pieces of the arc. It could be quick and very fate driven event that could occur at dawn, but it would also give use more opportunities and room for quick resolve and an opportunity for Big Mom to remember what she did.

In any case, the last two scenarios would resolve and conclude the arc of Big Mom, one way or another, allowing us to move on with the story. On the other hand, the first scenario would leave more questions than answers, but would allow more possibilities with more originality.

*Theory by Vic501

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