What is King’s Secret Power?


So King is pulling off some crazy feats against Zoro.

He protected himself from Tatsumaki with his wings and took no apparent damage.


Remeber that this is an attack that is strong enough to cut Kaido’s scales.

Part of it is due to the toughness of Ancient Zoan, which has already been highlighted throughout the arc, but King has something else he adds on top.


It seems the mistery is related to his Lunarian traits.


Now, while Zoro says he never saw him flying while in human form, he did seems to be able to do that while fighting Sanji.

It is also interesting to notice that while he was in hybrid form there was no flame on his back (posting only one panel, but it is missing in all of them).

And yet when he went back to his human form at the end of the chapter the flame was immediately back.

It also seems that his monster defense probably needs to be activated to work, and it is not something that is on all the time since we saw Zoro drawing blood with Oni Giri.

Are the fire stuff and the durability boost connected?

Are they two separate abilities?

What do you think?

*by Patryipe

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