What Name would each of the Straw Hats choose for O-Soba Mask


D: In the chapter 931 “Soba Mask”, Usopp and Franky clamored to “give us the naming rights”, I am very Curious, what kind of name would you give if you really let them name it? And… If you can tell me what are they gonna name him, it would be great.


Oda: “Understand. Then let them take a name!”

-Luffy: “Black! Mask! Mane”
-Zoro: “Idiot”
-Nami: “Cape”
-Usopp: “Lightning Skyser(Sky + Kaiser)”
-Robin: “Ominous Mask”
Chopper: “Go get them Sanji”
-Franky: “Black Rolling Destroyer”
-Brook: “Enviable Man in Women’s Bathhouse”


If it were you, which one would you choose?

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