Where Kaido vs Luffy fight will occur


I’m gonna start by saying that I do think that Luffy is going to be heading to Wano after he (somehow) escapes Big Mom. And I have a feeling once they get there they will have to fight a few Kaido’s cronies and free Wano from Kaido’s control. But I don’t think the main man himself will be there. Why? Because of Caribou.


You guys remember him right? The weirdo guy who was weak as all get out. The guy who got suckered into a revolution and got kidnapped by Drake. The guy who heard the entire conversation about how Shirahoshi was able to destroy the World.

Now here’s the thing. Kaido seems to want to destroy the World. And Caribou, knowing he’s probably going to be tortured relentlessly by the Beast Pirates for screwing with them, will undoubtedly spill the beans to Kaido about the Ancient Weapon that can do just that. This will probably make Kaido go full speed ahead to go kidnap Shirahoshi. And where is Shirahoshi going?


Yes guys, I think that Luffy is going to chase after Kaido and is going to have the final fight on top of the Red Line for the literal sake of the planet.

*Theory by renacotor

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