Which Supernovas will remain allied to the Beasts Pirates?


Currently the Supernovas situation in Wano is a bit more complicated than in Whole Cake Island, but we know the following things:


Trafalgar Law and the Straw Hats are in Wano and are opposed to Kaido/Beasts Pirates. In Chapter 902 we see Basil Hawkins comes to confront Luffy and Zoro as they reunite, and the two of them prepare to fight.

Eustass Kid fought Kaido, lost and was thrown in jail. Maybe Killer and others are nearby trying to find a way to free him?


After encountering Kaido, Basil Hawkins joined the Beasts Pirates and became one of the crew’s Headliners. Scratchmen Apoo also is now assisting Kaido on some level.


X Drake joined Kaido under mysterious reasons and seem to be doing a lot of heavy lifting (he took down Caribou and destroyed Amigasa Village).

Urouge seemed to be well aware of Kaido in a sky island before Kaido jumped down. Nothing else is known.

There’s no indication of Capone Bege being in Wano unless Big Mom somehow arrives there and Bege decides to follow along to complete his execution plan. And Jewelry Bonney is currently at the Reverie aiming to rescue Kuma from Celestial Dragons.

So we have 8 Supernovas at Wano, but will they all be opposed to Kaido? Who will remain loyal to Kaido?

Right now, it seems like Hawkins could be aware of Luffy’s recent fame as Fifth Emperor and could propose an Alliance to take down Kaido. Unsure what to make of Apoo since he’s a wildcard.

X Drake however is also a major wildcard. Apparently, he had a poor childhood but his abusive father got killed by Doflamingo. Drake joined the Marines and became a Rear Admiral before defecting and becoming a pirate. But Drake in the timeskip worked his way to join Kaido and his crew and even carried out a lot of orders. This could be similar to Law joining the Shichibukai for various reasons. So it seems that Drake could be working against Kaido and might be striking an Alliance with Law behind the scenes.

What do you guys think?

*Theory AppleCider

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